Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - 17, 18 & 19 - Holiday Place Cards!

Since it's getting so close to Christmas I thought it would be nice to start throwing out some quick, easy and last minute ideas.  The first few ideas are for your holiday table....Place cards!  I'm offering up three very different designs that will each add a bit of holiday flair to your party.

christmas 004

#17 - Sweet Treat Place Card

Such an easy design, simply cut out a circle or oval from cardstock.  Stamp or pen each persons name.  Wrap the treat with colored cellophane paper add a couple ribbon ties and it's done!

christmas 007

#18 - Giant Holly Leaf & Jingle Bell Place Card

This place card is so much taking a very familiar holiday icon, blowing it up to a giant 7" long you're to receive many smiles as folks gather around the table.

Print this holly leaf so it measures 6-8" long. 

christmas 009

Trace onto green cardstock, stamp each persons name and adorn with red jingle bells & a bow.

christmas 005

#19 - 3 D Christmas Tree Place Card

While this place card takes a bit more time it's worth it.  You'll have a lovely little forest of Christmas Trees decorating your holiday table...

christmas 008
Print the pattern out so the trees fit your needs.  My tree is approx. 4.5" tall.
Trace & cut each side of the tree out.  Insert side #2 into side #1 until the points meet at the top. Write the names of your guests on each star, tuck one star on each tree and you're all set!
You can of course decorate your tree or leave it plain depending on your time table.

christmas 006
So there you go...
3 fun, quick & easy ways to spiff up your holiday table
without breaking the bank...both money and time!

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