Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #16 Felt Mistletoe

A few years ago I shared how to make your own Faux Mistletoe from crepe paper, wire & pearl beads.  Well, I've been thinking about making a more portable version and here's what I came up with....

Felt Mistletoe


Felt (shades of green)
Silver Bells
Pattern (below)


1. Trace and cut several mistletoe leaves from various shades of green felt.  My leaves are approx. 2.5" long.  You of course can resize it to fit your needs.  Larger for hanging, smaller for packages or cards.

christmas 010

christmas 001

2. String one of the silver bells onto the twine and tie a small knot, trim off excess twine from one end.

christmas 002

3.  Tie one of the mistletoe leaves above the bell.

4.  Continue adding leaves and bells until your branch of mistletoe reaches the desired length.  Mine is approx. 4" long.    Use the remaining twine to form a loop for holding/hanging.

christmas 003

Now you're ready to shower your sweetie with a little love.
I'm going to do just that when my sweetie gets home from work!
TIP: This basic idea can be adapted to make mistletoe large enough to hang up in a doorway, used as is to adorn gifts or shrunk down a bit to add to cards or scrapbook pages! 

Ho Ho Ho
6 Days Till Christmas!!!

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