Thursday, December 13, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #11 Crepe Paper Trees!

I had planned on sharing a few felt ornaments and patterns today but last night when I got my Felt/Crepe Paper box out I started messing around with the crepe paper.  One thing led to another and I came up with today's idea....

Crepe Paper Trees


Crepe Paper (color of your choice)
Thread & Needle or Sewing Machine
Cardstock (for the cone) or Party Hat
Glue Gun


1. First begin by cutting your crepe paper into desired lengths/width.  Mine are approx 1.5-2" wide.

crepe paper tree 001

2.  Next I started gently stretching one side of the crepe paper.  When you do so the crepe paper takes on a ruffly effect on the stretched out side.  All crepe paper is made differently so the amount of ruffle you get will depend on your crepe paper.

crepe paper tree 003
crepe paper tree 004

3. Now it's time to gather & stitch your crepe paper into a nice ruffle.  I started out doing it by hand and gave it up because it was too slow.  I simply gathered the crepe paper on the un-stretched side and fed it into the machine as shown.

crepe paper tree 005
here is what it looks like after it is sewn....

crepe paper tree 006

4. Make a cone from the cardstock - it can be tall and skinny, short and stout, or anything in between!  You'll end up with funky points on the bottom, I just snipped off any excess until the cone sat straight on the table.

5. Begin hot gluing the crepe paper ruffle around the bottom edge.  When I got near the point where I started I slowly curved my glue line about 1/2" above the last.  Once you get the gentle spiral going you can easily follow it right up the cone.

crepe paper tree 009
And here is what the finished neked tree looks like....

crepe paper tree 011

I ended up with so much crepe paper that I had enough for 3 trees plus a little extra for another idea I'm going to share in the near future.    You can leave your tree unadorned or add little bits and bobs to decorate your tree.  It's totally up to you!

crepe paper tree 013
And the growing forest of trees...
crepe paper tree 017
Ho Ho Ho
12 Days Till Christmas!!!


  1. Another fun idea...and the trees all look great together!

  2. Roni,
    Your forest has grown considerably! Each tree is so unique and special that I am having trouble selecting a favorite! These trees are so lovely as a grouping, but they certainly would also make such special gifts on their own. Once again, a great tutorial. You are the perfect elf and we are so lucky that Santa was willing to part with you in order to be a source of inspiration for us all!
    Kathy Jones
    aka KayJay

  3. LOVE the crepe paper trees! Thanks for the idea!


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