Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #10 Stamped Chopping Board

Here is a really fun idea for the Chefs in your life....
Stamped Cutting Boards!

I have seen lots of cool acrylic cutting boards on the market.  Every time I walk by they are just screaming at me to alter them.  I could resist their demands no longer....
Rubbing Alcohol
Staz-On Inks
Rubber Stamps
Acrylic Cutting Board
Clear Acrylic Sealer
(optional) Krylon Fusion Plastic Spray Paint
1. Wipe down the back of the cutting board with rubbing alcohol to remove any contaminates from the surface.  Let the alcohol dry naturally.
2. Ink and stamp desired images on the back of the clean cutting board.
3. Spray one or more light coats of acrylic sealer over the stamped images. 
(optional) Instead of spraying with the sealer, you can spray the back of the cutting board with Krylon's Fusion paint.  This will add a bit of zip to the cutting board as well as seal in the stamped images.  This is also a great idea for adding a bit of personalization to the board because you can paint the cutting board to match the recipient's kitchen colors.
Let the paint/sealer dry and cure completely before it is used/washed.
(see the sealer/paint can for mfg. details & instructions)
Ho Ho Ho
14 Days Until Christmas!!!


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