Monday, November 12, 2012

Long Overdue Winners

Things have been just nuts around here since I found out I'm going to be in the craft show this coming weekend.  Thankfully Mom came over this weekend and helped me with a couple huge projects (making M&M sticks & re-packaging my cards from baggies into nice cellophane envies) so that was a treat.    I *think* I'm doing pretty well.  I have most of the cards priced.  I have a few more cards to make..I need some Christmas ones ~ I gave away all the ones I already had made ~ can't go to a holiday bazaar w/o holiday cards now can I?

All that aside I did want to draw the names of several winners for a few drawings ~

Assorted Halloween Stamps & Goodies (since it was my B-day)



Have a great birthday! I need to do a pumpkin your way, soon!

King of Halloween Shrine Kit -



I love Halloween crafts. I just picked up a pumpkin at the Dollar store so I can replicate your

Hi Roni, at the moment it's pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin but soon the focus must shift to the silly season and I am hoping to make 20 - 30 cards, although sometimes when you get in the groove you never know. Here's to being groovy.


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  2. Wow. Thanks for picking me to win the magazine. I look forward to checking out all your projects. Congrats to the other winners.


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