Tuesday, October 30, 2012

King of Halloween Shrine

Today I wanted to share a really fun shrine with you dedicated to the
King of Halloween....Edgar A. Poe!

This is a fun shrine kit that you can find here...Skeleton Reliquary.  It comes with the parts to assemble the shrine plus some extra goodies which you may or may not choose to use in your shrine. 
King of Halloween 001
King of Halloween 002
You're going to start by assembling the shrine body - I am using super glue because I don't want to wait for other glues to dry ;) 
King of Halloween 003
Then I painted the front and back of both the shrine box and front cover with black acrylic paint.
King of Halloween 004
While my shrine was drying I printed off my image of Poe and mounted it on a piece of chipboard.  I then carefully cut him from the background.  I say carefully because we're going to use both pieces in this shrine.
King of Halloween 005
Next ink the edges of both Poe and the background.
King of Halloween 006
Now that the shrine has dried, glue the background image directly to the shrine.   Apply one or two layers of double stick foam tape to Poe.  This will pop him right off the background and give you instant dimension!
King of Halloween 007
Here he is in the shrine...
King of Halloween 008
Now, add a few things to the shrine...I'm using a seed pod that looks like a mini pumpkin, some bones, etc...  You will notice I'm using some double stick foam tape to help raise the elements to various heights.  Just adds more interest to your finished shrine.
King of Halloween 009
To spice up the front of the shrine I added a bit of Dresden Trim around the shrine opening.
King of Halloween 011
I also wanted to use some Mica pieces around the top of the shrine...I love the smokey look and jagged feel it gives the shrine.  Very Halloween-ish I think.
King of Halloween 012
Next the extra bits.  I am going to use the skull, wings and one of the ravens the kit came with.  I painted each and added a bit of Distress Stickles for more color & dimension.
King of Halloween 013
It's time to add the bits once the glitter has dried....
King of Halloween 014
And finish assembling the shrine....
King of Halloween 015
And here is how it turned out!!!
King of Halloween 018
Yes, the glue is still wet ~ I couldn't wait to show you :)
King of Halloween 020
Now, it's your turn...
Would you like to win a reliquary kit of your own?
I bought an extra because I thought they were so neat and I'd like to share it with you!  Of course it doesn't have to be Halloween themed, it could be used for whatever theme you'd like.
Simply tell me your favorite part of Halloween...be it the scary movies, the candy, costumes, haunted houses, parties, etc...

You have until 11-11-12 to post your comment to be entered to win!
Good Luck
Happy Haunting!


  1. My favorite part is seeing the kids dressed up and eating candy corn!

  2. My favourite is making a special ornament/decor piece for each of our 4 kids families and then for some special friends. Your shrine is fabulous!!

  3. I love Halloween crafts. I just picked up a pumpkin at the Dollar store so I can replicate your

  4. You know my favorite part is the costumes...

  5. Loved the shrine, Roni - VERY clever way to treat the background. I will have to try that technique soon.

    My favorite part of Halloween is watching how everyone, including adults, gets involved with the whole thing - decorating and costuming and parties. I can't participate like I used to so I enjoy watching everyone else. FUN!

  6. My favorite part is I get to make all kinds of Halloween projects. We don't go to parties and my son is too old to Trick or Treat, so having free rein to use skeletons, bats, spiders, witches, black cats, tombstones, etc in my art is something I really love and look forward to!


  7. This shrine is magnificent! I LOVE what you did!
    As for my favorite part of Halloween...Everything! I feed on the colors and smells, from Day of the Dead to candy corn!
    I feast on decorations - in my house, in the stores and in the neighborhood yards!
    I adore haunted houses!
    This year Hubby and I cut back on dining out for the month of October, except for anything related to Halloween! What a blast! Pumpkin everything!

  8. I love crows, kids, costumes, cards, crows, candy, and did I say crows. Love it all.

  9. I love all things Halloween-but my favorite is the wonderful, creative costumes! So sad that there are so few to see as compared to the past.

  10. Awesome shrine, Roni!!

    My favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the creative projects that everyone makes. They're so inspiring.

  11. Awww... the pics arent loading for me and I've even rebooted my laptop. But my favorite part of Halloween is just enjoying all the fun from candy to costumes. :o)

  12. Awesome shrine! You are so creative and so prolific; I could never keep up!

    Favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the projects people come up with that are based on vintage Halloween characters. I especially love the black cats with big grins!

  13. PUMPKINS!! My favorite thing for Halloween is pumpkins. I always try to grow a big one myself. This year was a bit of a wash out. Then I throw a thankgiving party with a pumpkin theme. Invite all the friends and family and generally have a fun time. Happy Halloween everyone

  14. I love the scary movies and decorating. But for some reason this year my favorite part of halloween has been the memory I have of when my mom let me take my four younger siblings out trick or treating. It was such a big sister moment. It was dark,spooky and so much. We had a blast.

  15. The really young kids who earnestly climb up my front steps, looking so proud of their costume, and who seem truly grateful for the little bit of something I pop in their bags.

  16. My favorite Halloween memories are of all of the costumes we made for the kids- and the fun mazes we used to take them to. Love your fabulous shrine!

  17. Your Halloween creations have been fantastic! This is the first year I've participated in Halloween ...joining your Halloween charm swap got me started! So I would say Halloween crafts are my fave part.

  18. Great shrine, Poe would be so proud!

    My favorite part of Halloween are the costumes. I love creating fun things to wear this time of year, for myself and others. Of course, to be honest, it used to be the candy, but now that I can buy it any time I want, and now that EVERY holiday features candy, that little Halloween tradition only comes in a distant 2nd!!

  19. Yay!! The pics loaded just fine today! This is an awesome shrine!! The mica bits up on the top is a wonderful embellishment.

  20. Love how this turned out! My favorite part of Halloween is trick-or-treating with my girls; all of the neighbors are out and everyone is in a festive mood. And it's so fun to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up and running door to door!

  21. My favorite parts of Halloween is the dressing up and the crafts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. This shine simply couldn't be cooler! All the elements and Poe theme are fabulous:-)


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