Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Temptation Tuesday - Dragonflybuzz's Rubber Stamps

Today I wanted to tempt you with an amazing Etsy Shop -
O.k...you all know how much I LOVE vintage rubber stamp images well this place is a treasure trove of very cool vintage images.... absolutely TONS of awesome looking stamps for a very reasonable price.
It is actually an Etsy store that I've had on my favorites list for quite sometime. 
This little girl is what originally attracted me to their images... 
Girl with pussywillow and flowers rubber stamp
Isn't she just precious?
Well, as I was digging around their site I realized that they also have a web-site called: Dragonflylaser Rubber Stamps  which offeres even MORE stamps!!!!
Many of their stamps come with three options - Wood Mounted, Un Mounted & Cling Mounted.  and they are made right here in the USA (Massachusets).
Check out just a few of their awesome images....
So, if you're in the market for a new stamp or two (who isn't???)
then I hope you take a moment, stop by and check em out...
either on Etsy or their web-site.
Either way I'm sure you'll find something you fall in love with.


  1. So glad you are highlighting smaller companies - love the stamps that Dragonflybuzz has. Have booked marked it so I can look at all of them. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh Roni...you are so right about this company...those stamps are amazing! I LOVE the two vintage girls, so darling!!! I'm afraid I'm off to browse....sigh....just can't resist!


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