Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stampers Best Dress Form Winner!!

I also "pulled" out a winner for the Stampers Best Dress Form
(also using


That winner is.....

Kay Wallace!!!!

Oh, my, Roni, you have created an SB shop-0-holic here! If I say I got free shipping, does that tell you anything? And, I did remember to use your coupon code, so thanks for that 10% off!! There are still two new releases that I drooled over, but didn't buy...the Notebook Steno Paper and the Strawberry Journal Flourish! Just awesome! Those will have to wait for another day! lol


  1. woohoo! congrats to the winner!

  2. Congratulations Kay!

  3. Thanks, Ladies...and thanks, Roni! I am thrilled to add another SB stamp to my growing collection! I have already used the ones I bought, and they deliver clear perfect images every time. I couldn't be more pleased!


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