Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Flower Dance

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!
I had some Easter postcards set to post yesterday (on schedule mode) but they never posted...
the message reverted to a draft instead so I guess I'll save em for next year.

Today I wanted to share a card I made in hopes that she will shake some things up around here, knock out the cold weather and get us back to some warm temps.  We were blessed with unseasonably warm temps for most of March here in Indiana ~ almost 40+ above normal.  Well, the temps have gone back down to normal or below....brrrrr.  Never realized how spoiled we got until this blast of cool windy weather. 

I have decided that I'm REALLY ready for warmer Spring temps (again)!

3C - Flower Dance

Anyway, here's hoping for some warm weather again!

The background is pool & cloudy blue alcohol inks swiped across the glossy cardstock.  I then added the "foliage" by pouncing on a mix of Lettuce and Citrus AI.    The foliage also has a layer of Lime Stickles Glitter Glue over top.  The fairy was colored with Distress Stains, my Niji Waterbrush and has some copper highlights (Gelly Roll Metallic Pen) on her wings.

The little flower fairy is from Third Coast Rubber Stamps (Fairy Flower Picker - VB-024-J).

So, how's the weather where you are?


  1. Pretty card! We are in the same boat with the weather here in NH. Nice warm March but now it's cold and windy and spitting snow. Yuck!

  2. We have finally gotten some warm weather! It was 70 yesterday & no rain. Warmest day since September 2011.

  3. Hi Roni,

    What a pretty card. She's so delicate looking.

    The weekend was nice but now it's cold again. It looks like rain outside.... hopefully it won't be snow!

  4. What a precious card! Hope you had a wonderful easter!

  5. Hi! Here in middle Norway we have 3 C and the sun is just arriving in my window. My fist day at job after easter. No skiing for me :-) Have a nice day. I love Your blogg!

  6. I hope your dear fairy brings some warmer weather to New England, too. We shared your warmer March weather so, now, near normal temperatures seem all to cold to me! We will be opening up our campground on May 1, so it better warm up soon!

  7. Hope it works! Great fairy image!


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