Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spectrum Noir Pens - Anyone???

Hi All,

I've got a question for you today... 

Has anyone tried or do you own Spectrum Noir Pens?  If so, what do you think?

First let me say that I've never tried/bought or own any Copics so it doesn't matter how they stack up side by side.  I am not going to pay 5.50-7.00 + for a single pen - just not going to happen. 

So, now that that's out of the way, if you have tried/own a SNP, do you think they are easy to use (I'm a beginner with these types of markers)? 

Do you like the basic color sets ~ the sets of 6 per box? 

Do you like alcohol makers over regular markers (I already have a few small sets of these)?

Is the diff between alcohol & regular worth the switch?

Any other thoughts on them?

I'd love to hear your opinions and I'm sure lots of others would as well!


  1. I have never heard of spectrum noir pens, but I do have copics and I like them most I'm not a pro with them by any means and I think they're a definite learning curve, but they blend so well when you know how to use them. I haven't really owned any regular markers, but I really want Tim's Distress markers, which I know aren't even in the same category as other markers either...I like that with alcohol markers you can colour things like buttons and plastic things and have it stay better, but I don't know if they would be something you would trade for other markers or just use them for different techniques? I'm thinking this rant wasn't really helpful, but I hope it was! Good luck with your decision!

  2. Hi...alcohol markers, when used alone or blended give you a smooth finished look where other markers (regular) give more of a streaky finish (you can usually see lines where the strokes overlap).
    I have never used the SNP markers but I have used Promarkers and Copics. Personally I am building my stash of Promarkers, I like the nib on them better than the brush nib on Copic Sketch or Ciao, but that is my preference. Here is a link to a
    product review of 3 different kinds of alcohol markers (besides Copics). The person in this link prefers Copics, because that is what she is used to, but she gives honest reviews on the other three and she isn't getting paid or anything for the reviews, it's just her opinion, but you can kinda see how they compare.
    Hope this helps in some way...good luck on your decision!

  3. Never gotten to try spectrum noir pens. I have tried pro markers but didn't have much sucessful as I didn't understand how to blend at that point. I like you don't want to spend alot of money on the pens. I got a set of BIC Mark its which are alcohol ink markers. You can get a set of 36 colors for about 10-15 bucks. I am still learning to color with them but love the fact I can color buttons and bling easily with them.

  4. I've got Cpoics, Promarkers, Flexmarkers and Spectrum Noirs. I prefer alcohol markers over regular narkers cos the colour lays down smoothly and you can blend to create additional colours and depth. Personally I'm not struck on the Spectrum Noirs. I found that ink doesn't blend as well as it does with the other pens and that I struggle to build up real depth of colour with them. However, in view of the cost I'd still recommend them as a good entry level marker. Good luck!! x

  5. I'm one of "them". There's just no way I'm ever going to spend that much money on markers. I'm sure they are worth it but I just don't have that kind of money. Too many other things I would rather have. LOL!!

  6. I have some Copics, some Bic and some SNP. I use them interchangeably and one combined with another as my only interest is getting the COLOR I want. I picked up only a single set of 6 SNP as I was in need of 'skin colors'.

    To help myself with color gradations I made an index card sampler of each range of colors: one card for blues, one for greens, etc. I did scribble tests on scratch paper till I found the order that would arrange them in value within their hues. So the blue card has a set of blue-gray range, as set of blue-green, a set of blue-purple - all from light to dark. Each swatch is labeled with the brand and color name or number. If I want to color a pink flower I pull out the card of reds and choose three from the same line in different values.

    I have some Prismacolor and Sharpies but have not tried to use them blended with the Copic, Bic and Spectrum.

    I also have a full range of watercolor markers. I find that my choice of coloring agent depends on whether I want solid color or blended, on what type of ink it was stamped with, and sometimes the finish on the paper.


  7. Hi Roni!

    Over on Simon Says Stamp Blog, they posted a video within the last week that offers a side-by-side comparison of the Spectrum Markers v. Copics. I found it really useful to see both pens in action.

    I am not rushing out to get any alcohol markers, but I think that for what I would use them for, I would be okay with the Spectrum Noirs (especially at only $2 per pen!).

    Have fun exploring your options!! ~Tara

  8. I've never heard them called alcohol markers before, maybe it's a bit different in the UK!

    1. Hi, I'm in the UK and they have quite a nice section of markers such as Copic Ciao, Letraset Promarkers, Flexmarkers and Spectrum Noirs. They are mainly seen in HobbyCraft which I highly advise you to check out


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