Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smooshed Distress Stains

K - here is another one of the techniques I used on last weeks cards...

This card background ....

Was made using the following WAY easy technique....


Distress Stain
Heat Tool

1.  Squeeze out a nice puddle of ink onto one sheet of cardstock.
Smooshed Distress Stain 002

2. Cover with a second piece of cardstock and smoosh! 

Smooshed Distress Stain 003

3. Peel the papers apart ~ your paper will probably start to curl worries, we'll fix that! 

You can either squirt the paper/ink as soon as you peel it apart which is what I did for this piece of paper.  You can heat it while you're squirting the water to move the water/ink around as you like.  Makes for some really cool designs!

Smooshed Distress Stain 004


You can dry the ink almost completely then squirt with water for a nifty water mark look design.

Smooshed Distress Stain 005

You get two amazing background sheets for the work of one!  
What I love about this technique is that it is so quick and easy. 
You can take half an hour and make several sheets of background paper at once.
You wanna know the best part about this technique...they always turn out looking great! 

Smooshed Distress Stain 006

Now, it's your turn...go get inky!!


  1. Love your backgrounds - these things are so quick but look stunning and as you say, no two the same!!

  2. Didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, but caught up today! I love both of these techniques, Roni, but, what is so fun about them is I have everything I need to do it today. There is motivation in instant gratitication! lol Thanks for sharing these techniques!

  3. Great looking backgrounds!! I'm off to give it a try! Thanks!!

  4. great background. LOLing at the so technical name of the technique.... it describes it accurately though!

  5. Very cool technique.

  6. Love that smooshed background!

  7. Neat! I definitely need to play more with the distress stains that I have! Thanks again for sharing!


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