Monday, April 23, 2012

NEW - Mother's Day Project Supply List!!!

Hi All!

Several people have been asking for a new Mother's Day project so this week we're going to start one!

Last year we made a gothic arch book (I'll post links later) so for a change of pace I thought we'd make an altered tin we're going to fill with 10 ATC's.  I'm going to put my ATC's together as a little flip book (with a ball chain) but you could leave them separated or turn them into an accordion album.  I'll share instructions for each at the end.

First I wanted to give you the supply list so you could start gathering up a few supplies.  As always, I want you to first and foremost use what you have in your stash :)  It's nice to be able to make things with the goodies you've already bought instead of always having to go out and buy more "stuff"...

I don't have all of the techniques compiled yet but here are a few supplies for the basics and some I know we'll need along the way.

What you'll need to get started....

- Metal Altoid type tin
- Acrylic Paint
- Finger Nail Polish
- Sheet Metal - thin embossable type
- Quotes (Posted some this a.m. and will post more tomorrow)
- Woman Collage Images

Also, this is great for Mom's but it can also be used for other family members, friends or co-workers as well!

I hope you all decide to play along!


  1. Whoo-hoo! I have stuff that will work!!

  2. How fun! Both of my mom's adored their gothic arch book last year. Can we utilize the foil tape for this project or does it need to be the sheet metal? Thanks again for all you do.

  3. Woohooo...sounds like fun! Have to see what I can dig up for sure:)

  4. I think I have everything ... surprisingly, even the sheet metal! ;-)

  5. You are making me crazy! I have to start work (as in my job) in 5 minutes and I want to be home sanding my tin! This is already gorgeous, Roni...see you tomorrow!!!


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