Monday, April 30, 2012

Mom ATC #2 - Inky Oils

Today's ATC technique is one I came up with quite some time ago but it's still lots of fun cause it's another technique that you never know what you'll end up with.

I know it's going to sound weird but it's time to go pull out your baby oil...

Inky Oils
mom atc 2 - ink baby 001


Baby Oil
Re-Inkers (dye or Distress)
Scrap Papers


1. Squeeze out a dime sized puddle of baby oil onto your non-stick craft mat.

mom atc 2 - ink baby 002

2. Add one drop of re-inker to the center of the baby oil.

mom atc 2 - ink baby 003

3. Stir the ink into the oil.  You will notice the inks don't mix into the oil but instead form tiny dots of color in all different sizes.  This is's what you want.  Kind of like oil and water.

mom atc 2 - ink baby 005

4. Now dip your paper into the mix multiple times until the paper has been saturated by the oil/ink.

mom atc 2 - ink baby 006

And here is what your paper might look like....   It is going to be very oily so you'll want to place it on a pile of scrap paper until it drys.  Now to help speed drying you can take an old magazine or catalogue and press the paper between some of the pages.  You will notice the pages soak up quite a bit of the oil but little if any of the ink.  Move the paper to a new set of pages and press; continue until the pages don't soak up any oil.   Set the paper aside to dry for about 20 minutes or so.

mom atc 2 - ink baby 007

For time sake I made this sheet of paper yesterday.  It was made using Distress Ink instead of regular dye inks.   

mom atc 2 - ink baby 008

I have already prepared an ATC blank by gluing on a background of book text.  Why you might ask????

mom atc 2 - ink baby 009

Because now the cardstock is translucent like vellum!!!  Told you this was an awesome technique!

mom atc 2 - ink baby 010

Glue the inky oils cardstock to your atc and embellish as desired!

NOTE: Someone asked about adhering items to the oily paper.  You will need to use liquid glues for affixing it to your substrate as well as for gluing items to the oily papers.  The dryer type adhesives (Tombo, ATG, etc.) just don't have enough stick power like the liquid varieties.

mom atc 2 - ink baby 012

This is such a fun and addictive technique.
Sometimes I just sit and play with different ink colors and layers to see what I can come up with.
It really is so much fun and quite easy....
best part is that you end up smelling so good afterwards - LOL!!

Now it's your turn!


  1. Such an awesome technique. Love it.

  2. How cool is that??!! I can't wait!

  3. Such a cool technique, can't wait to try it but no baby oil in the house.

  4. How very cool, seriously! I miss making ATC's. But, at 68, there is no longer any baby oil in my house. Off to the pharmacy!

  5. What a cool idea!!! I just started doing atc's....I know still in the 19th I'll have to give this a try1 Thanks Roni:)

  6. Great technique, will have to give it a try! Love your card.


  7. OH! I can't WAIT to try this cool! Hey, I even have baby oil!!

  8. This is remarkable! I bet it smells good too!

  9. Too cool Roni! I didn't know you could mix oils with ink like that. I am curious... does the oil soaked paper have any challenges with stuff sticking to it? What I mean is, is it hard to glue or tape things to the oily paper?

  10. and this is why I read your blog -- you have the coolest techniques that make me want to run to my craft room. thanks for yet another!

  11. Just saw this post, loved this. I am going to try this. ty

  12. Saw this via Pinterest. I think it's wicked, another technique for mixed media. I wonder, could a heat tool help drying process or perhaps heat & baby oil don't work? Appreciate this was a while back but thought I'd ask..... Tfs

    1. You could use a heat tool as long as you didn't hold it over it for too long or too close... It could scorch the paper pretty easily because of the oil.

  13. Great idea, thanks for the tutorial.

  14. Wow, that was really neat, I'll have a go at it. TY, Kathy

  15. Wow I've just found this on pinterest, looks interesting, must go and give it a go thanks.


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