Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jelly Bean 3D Shaker Card

Hi Guys!

I'm so excited about today's card....remember when we used the shell from the Reese's Peanut butter Egg.  We used the egg part for the nifty vintage Easter collage well, today we're going to be using the back part of the package.  It too is in the shape of an egg and is about 1/4" deep....perfect for jelly beans!  O.k....I didn't have any jelly beans so I substituted dh's Skittles but you'll get the idea.

distress marker comparison 001

First you'll want to trim off the excess packaging leaving a small lip around the entire egg.  Next trace the egg onto a piece of chipboard roughly the size of the desired finished card size.
distress marker comparison 002

Use your exacto knife and cut out the interior of the egg.  Trial fit it with the plastic may have to trim it here and there to make it fit nicely.  Don't worry if you cut a bit extra off...we'll cover the edge in a later step.

Once you have the egg cut out set, trim up the piece of cardstock so the egg is centered.
distress marker comparison 003

You might be able to skip this step depending on your recycled packaging but my piece had 4 little ears that I had to chop off so the egg fit snugly against the chipboard.  I just cut them off with my exacto knife.
distress marker comparison 004

Next, choose the image you want to show inside the egg.  I am using these two adorable bunnies from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps.    I stamped them with Archival Ink then colored them with Distress Stains.

Jelly Bean Easter Card 001

Paint the chipboard with white paint or gesso.  Remember what I always say - use what you have :)
Jelly Bean Easter Card 002

Next I stamped a bit of foliage down the left side and around the bottom of the egg with two different colors of ink.
Jelly Bean Easter Card 004

Then ink up the rest of the behind the foliage and a bit of blue for the sky.

Jelly Bean Easter Card 005

It's time to glue the plastic egg window to the card.

Jelly Bean Easter Card 006

After that glue has dried, fill the egg with your candy ~ jelly bellies would be super but I didn't have any jelly beans at all so as I mentioned above I used skittles.  Adhere the image to the chipboard.
Jelly Bean Easter Card 007

Here's what the card looks like at this point....

Jelly Bean Easter Card 008

And you can finish it off however you like!
I used a bit of garland, paper flowers and an old clip on earring!

Jelly Bean Easter Card 010

It would be funny to write "No silly it's Skittles" inside the card - LOL!!
O.k....I'm a bit weird but hey at least the card turned out cute ;)

So there you go,
Another SUPER way to recycle some of that plastic packaging for something fun
keeping it out of the land-fill (and your stash - lol!)

Have a super day!


  1. Great idea! You are the recycle queen!

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  3. Oh Roni this is too cute!

  4. Adorable! What a neat way to recycle. Skittles are better anyway. LoL

  5. very nice :D
    Happy Easter

  6. Such a fun card, Roni! I do love all the "pieces'n'parts," yet I keep going back to the stamping. Love it!

  7. what an adorable Easter card!

  8. Love this!!! What a super yummy looking card! Love the images:)

  9. Very cute! I wondered how you were going to use this piece of plastic!

  10. Which kind of glass did you used in this card for making 3D effects?
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