Friday, March 9, 2012

Enamel Accents Silhouette

Since I'm having fun with Enamel Accents I thought I'd show you a bit more.  I wanted to show you how to turn virtually any stamp into a shiloette simply by covering it with Enamel Accents.

Just a note before we begin...several people have e-mailed asking about the bottle cap charm in yesterday's post that I made using Enamel Accents.  I will be putting a post together about it and sharing it on Monday :)

On to today's project....

enamel accent fairy card

You can easily turn virtually any stamp into a silhouette simply by covering it with Enamel Accents! 

For this card I started out by inking it up with a variety of Alcohol Inks. 

I then stamped my desired images onto the card using Archival Ink.  I've not tried this technique with Dye Inks so I'm not sure if the EA would bleed or not.

Next, I carefully covered each of the stamped images using Black Enamel Accents.  I say carefully because the black tends to spread a bit more than the White EA so a little bit goes a long way. 

Tip: I have found it easier to make a silhouette if you initially outline the entire image, let it dry a couple minutes then go back and fill it in.  That helps keep the black EA corralled.

After the EA has dried you're free to finish decorating your card or other project as desired!
It's really quite amazing in person...the raised surface of the EA adds a beautiful dimension and shine to the image.


  1. OMG! That is gorgeous!! Love what it does to that image!

  2. Oh boy I just got a pack of the black and white from Michael's ON SALE!

    I am about to try out your plastic emboss thing. Can't wait to see what happens! Was hoping to find more colors of that stuff.

    Card is cool!


  3. Hi Roni

    Your card is so beautiful. Love it

  4. What a great idea. That is really beautiful! Thanx for sharing I cannot wait to give it a try!


  5. Such a great technique! Thanks for the tip about outlining first!

  6. Super idea!! Haven't seen too many ideas on what to do with this stuff. Tfs!

  7. Absolutely beautiful card!!! That silhouette is fantastic and what a great way to use stamps we already own. thanks for the ideas!

  8. Your card is beautiful! Love the effect of the EA! Guess I'm off to Michael's to look for it! Thanks for the iniration!

  9. Hi Roni,

    Very cool!

    I received my ATC cards - holy moly! I am blown away. I'm so happy with each and every one of them. Tell your mom thanks (I think I got three made by her).


  10. This is an awesome effect. Love it.


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