Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Freak Snow Storm!

Hey Everyone ~

Well, we had quite a week here....

Monday the weather guys said a low front was moving in bringing a few inches of rain and it "MIGHT" turn over to snow by sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening.  We'd only get an inch or two....

They were partially correct....  It did start raining on Monday night about 5:00pm and it did rain all night into Tuesday.  We probably got about 4" of rain by mid morning.  About 1:00pm the rain turned to snow and by 2:30pm this is what it looked like out side my craft room.....

Snow Storm 11-29-11 1

And it continued all afternoon, all evening, and into the night.  We got SOOOO much snow so quickly that we lost our Direct TV at about 5:00pm (tuesday) and our power at 6:00pm!!!  LUCKILY we had a kerosene heater that kept us warm and our pipes from freezing!

This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning.... 

Yes, that says 10 1/2"!!!!!That is a far far cry from 1-2" of snow don't ya think?!?!

Snow Storm 11-29-11 7

The snow was so wet and heavy that it was breaking all sorts of limbs and making evergreen trees bend almost to the ground with the weight....
Snow Storm 11-29-11 5

Our little pine tree fared a bit better....but our privet hedges were taking a beating...

Snow Storm 11-29-11 8

That window is my craft room... 
see that trench along the house.....
Snow Storm 11-29-11 9

I told you he liked to play in the snow! 
This photo is taken mid-leap
(you can tell by the floppy lip movement - LOL!!!)
He could barely hold his head above the snow when he landed on the ground.
Our other dog (carin terrier) was far too short to venture out into the yard until Cecil had paths plowed out for him - lol... 

Snow Storm 11-29-11 6

We finally got our power back on mid-Wednesday and I'm just now getting caught up.
You never realize how much you come to depend on electricity until it's not there.
I guess that's true with lots of things but I don't think I'd like to be without electricity for an extended period of time.


  1. Wow, lots of snow! Glad you got your power back!

  2. Yup it's pretty! I can sympathize. We've had 2 storms so far 18 and 13 inches and I'm ready for spring already! Enjoy the good things about snow and hope it melts quick for you. Your dog looks like he's having a blast! I love the way the animals get in fresh, fluffy snow!

  3. Wow, so much snow. I'm cold just looking at it. Your dog looks like he is having so much fun. Hope all you trees hold up. A good day for staying inside and playing in the craft room.

  4. Wow! The weather man definitely missed the mark on that one! What a beautiful way though to ring in the Christmas season! So glad you didn't have to be without power for too long and you had a heater to keep warm.

  5. Look pretty from here and you are welcome to it. We keep getting threats but none so far, Fingers crossed! Stay warm...
    Lv JoZarty

  6. Hi Roni -

    Sounds like the freak snow storm we got in the North East in October. We were out of power for 3 days. And you are right, you never realize how much you rely on electricity until you need it!

    Elaine Allen

  7. OMG !! Here I am in Michigan and no snow yet! That will change and I bet we pay big time for this lull.
    We have been 5 days without power sometimes and it is a big pain !!

  8. Wow= you really got buried! So glad you had heat.....and the pic of your dog frolicking in the snow is too fun!

  9. I think that snow caught a lot of folks be surprise. I also think we're in for a long cold snowy winter with all the various snows in November already. Your scenery pics are pretty and your dog is just too cute!

  10. Wow! You don't live that far north of me, but that's A LOT more snow than we got. Great excuse to do some crafting.

    I love watching my dog romp in the snow. He loves it! In fact he brought in a toy this morning with some clumps of snow and proceeded to munch on the snow.

    I have been predicting a snowy Christmas since September. We're due for one.

  11. Wow! You really got hit hard! Glad you got your power back. Yes, we sure do rely on electricity heavily! But my daughter thinks it an adventure when we lose power! Unless, of course, she can't watch a certain TV show. Down south in Indiana, we got to see it snow, but within a couple of hours, it was gone. Oh, well, I'm sure we'll get more!

  12. Wow!! I hope that's not an indication of what's to come. I'm in NY and last year had to shovel every week from the end of December - for 9 weeks. I figure if that didn't give me a heart attack, I'm good for a while longer - lol. I'm talking big time snow. So, hope this is just a freak storm. My dog loves the snow!

  13. Wooow so much snow. The winter is coming to you. Here in the Netherlands it's sun with rain. Not warm,not cold... no snow.

  14. Holy Smokes!!! So glad you got your power back! It scares me to think that this is just the start of winter...brrrrr! We have had only one snow storm so far, but it did so much damage we had a whole week off from work because we had no electricity! Yes I live on the East coast. Your doggie looks like he's saying "what now mom" lol.

  15. be in your craft room with a hot cup of coffee...crafting and watching the snow come down. That would be lovely!! (ok...I know you all all thinking I'm crazy...but I dont have snow here!)

  16. Glad you got your power back. What a beautiful view from your craft room. To sit with a hot cuppa and watch the snow fall ;).

    I think there should be a 'Time for Me' day in December. I am busy, shopping, baking, cooking, crafting, decorating etc etc and would just love one day to curl up in my jammies with a cuppa coco (perhaps a glass of wine) and a good book and just have some 'Me time. I think it should be a worldwide event, no work etc for just one 'Time for Me' day .


  17. That is a lot of snow for sure. It really is hard to craft with out electricity ~ unless you knit or crochet near the fire.

  18. I'm glad I was on the east side of the snow in Ohio. I'm not ready for it yet, or ever. It was 50 here today and that's good for me. and then spring can come.


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