Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #7 - Steampunk Winged Gears Ornament

I'm sure if you've been here for any length of time you know that I love Steampunk....of course it's not become very popular until recently.  Since it is gaining in popularity I thought it only fitting I share a Steampunk inspired ornament or two with you.

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#7 Steampunk Winged Gears Ornament


Paper Gears (either die-cut, hand cut or store bought)  I am using Spellbinders dies for mine.
Wings (again, die-cut, hand cut, store bought) I am using Sizzix wings
Cuttlebug Gears Embossing Folder
Copper Inka Gold Metallic Rub
Acetate (recycled packaging)
Watch parts & Gears
Jumprings & Eyelets


1. Gather your gears.  Chipboard is ideal but since I was cutting my own using Spellbinders dies I ended up cutting 2 black and 2 metallic copper of each die gluing them all together so they were pretty sturdy.  4 ply is about equivalent to a nice chipboard.

You'll need 5 graduated sized gears. 
Steampunk Orn 1

2. Cut two wings and emboss using a gear/clock type embossing folder.  Mine is by cuttlebug but I know there are several on the market.

Steampunk Orn 2

3. Punch two holes in each of the gears so you can connect them all together in the end.

4. Attach the wings to the largest gear.  Cut off the excess wing that hangs over in the center of the gear.
Steampunk Orn 3

5. Embellish the gears with various watch parts.

Steampunk Orn 5

6. Measure and cut an acetate window for the largest gear. 

Steampunk Orn 6

7. Glue this window to the back side of the large gear.

Steampunk Orn 7

8. Mount the 2nd largest gear on the acetate window of the largest winged gear.

9. Use eyelets to connect the final 3 gears to each other and the large gear.

10.  Attach a ribbon for hanging.

And here you go......

Steampunk Ornament 8

Steampunk Ornament 9

Steampunk Ornament 10

Gotta love that Steampunk goodness!!!


  1. Oh Roni, it's gorgeous! How I love that steampunk look!

  2. I LOVE it! I'd definitely want that out all year.

  3. COOL!! Boy do I love steampunk! I'd hang this one on my mirror in the car!
    Thanks for another fantastic idea!
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  4. Roni -

    LOVE IT! That is so different, what an awesome piece.

    Elaine Allen

  5. Love this cool ornament! Thanks for sharing a fun idea- love the visuals!

  6. Right on!! This is such a cool Steampunk Ornament!!

  7. Over the top fabulous!!! I would hang them elsewhere after the tree comes down!!!

  8. absolutely my favourite, I won't wait for the rest to decide. I love it. I will definitely be making some of these. Thanks Roni for your inspiration

  9. Okay, Roni---that knocked my socks off! Love it!!

  10. Ok, this is just the coolest!!! Hmmmm..where have I been?? I didn't even know cuttlebug made an embossing folder like that!!! My daughter changes the theme of her Christmas tree every year, I know she would love this theme!
    Thanks Roni!

  11. This is my favorite yet, love the steampunk.

  12. Oh Roni,this ornament is the bomb! This one is definitly on my Have to Make list.

  13. How fun!! It'd have to stay out all year... not just for Christmas!

  14. This is gorgeous! Just love steampunk everything1 I have these dies so will have to give this a try. Would leave it up year round as a deco piece in my 'Rubber Room'. TFS and for the inspiration.


  15. Love your steampunk ornament with angel wings.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!