Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #6 - Faux Carved Ornament

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#6 Faux Carved Ornament


Chipboard (creal/pizza box weight)
Rubber Stamps
Twine, Ribbon, Fiber, etc
Exacto Knife


1. Stamp desired image onto the chipboard.  I am using Archival Ink because I like the color and crispness of the image.
Faux Carved Ornament 01

2. Next draw a box around the entire image then draw a second box inside the first leaving about a 1/4" or so between the two.  You can see it's all freehand so don't fret if it's not perfect the first time.

Faux Carved Ornament 2

You can use any size or shape image as you can see from this additional example....

Faux Carved Ornament 2b

3. After you have your rough frame drawn, cut away the white space between the smallest box and the image.  Again, this isn't anything exact...wavy lines are actually a good thing for this ornament, it only adds to the carved feel.  

I know I don't like to use an exacto knife....  Trust me, this is a very EASY ornament to carve.  You don't have to have perfect lines or straight cuts.  It just takes a little bit of time and it's worth it in the end!

Faux Carved Ornament 3

Now you will notice the cut of the's very straight - too straight!  I will go back and cut away a few extra wiggles to give it a more carved feel.

Faux Carved Ornament 4

And here is what it looks like after it has been cut out and the extra bits removed.  Notice how the once straight line has some curves and bumps.
Faux Carved Ornament 5

4.  Add some color the the frame and edges of the image.  Any color of brown will work for this step.

Faux Carved Ornament 6

5. Punch a couple holes and add eyelets if desired.

Faux Carved Ornament 7

6. Add a bit of fiber, twine, ribbon, etc. for a hanger and you're done!

Now check out the finished project....
Pretty cool huh?

Faux Carved Ornament 8

These ornament will add a great vintage carved feel to a tree, card, package, etc.
The best part is they cost virtually nothing to make except a bit of time if you use recycled chipboard, ink,stamps and fibers from your existing collection!!!


  1. This is awesome Roni! It does have have a carved look. I have a couple of stamps--Christmas collage themes, that I haven't been happy with cardwise...I think this may technique will work well with them. Thanks.

  2. Hi Roni -

    I love these! So very different. Great tutorial. Thank you.

    Elaine Allen

  3. These are awesome! Cannot wait to get home a try a few.

  4. wonderful!
    Love these!
    Sandra ltb

  5. Those are incredible! I love them!

  6. Very clever Roni! Very rustic and cozy looking ornament!

  7. So easy and so effective! Who makes these stamps -- love the collagey images?

  8. I love these!! This would be a very fun project to make with my granddaughters. The littlest one always like to play "ink" with me!!

  9. This is sooooooooooooo cool!!!!

  10. Love these!! Thanks for the fresh idea... I've not seen it anywhere else. :o)

  11. These are just beautiful! I love the vintage look. It is great you can recycle and make something beautiful! TFS



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