Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #16 - Polka Dot Enamel Ornaments

I have been wanting to share this ornament ever since the Enamel Accents came out but I couldn't for the life of me make it work using the EA directly from the bottle...  The darn stuff wanted to run and bleed together and make a horrible mess.   I got smart earlier this year when I was playing with the EA and figured out a much easier way to apply the EA.

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#16 - Polka Dot Enamel Ornaments

Polka Dot Enamel Ornament 1


Clear or Plain Colored Ornament
(optional) Acrylic Paint
Enamel Accents - Ranger


1. If you're using a colored ornament you can skip to step #3 other wise begin here....

Remove the hanger and squirt some acrylic paint into the center of the ornament. Swirl the paint around until the entire inside of the ornament has been coated.

Polka Dot Enamel Ornament 2

2. Drain the excess paint from the ornament. 

NOTE: I love using old caps from various spray cans for this step.

Polka Dot Enamel Ornament 3

3. Shake up the Enamel Accents until it's well mixed.  Squirt a small amount onto your work surface, a dish, etc.  I am using an old bit of packaging.

4. Use a small stylus, pencil eraser or the end of a paint brush handle ~ dip it into the EA and dot it on the ornament.  I like to vary the size of the dots to add interest.

Polka Dot Enamel Ornament 4

You can add the dots in patterns or cover the whole thing.  The EA drys fairly quickly but I like to work on more than one ornament at a time...while one is drying I dot the other one and go back and forth until they are both finished.

Polka Dot Ornament 5

And here is how it turns out....
Pretty cool huh?
Polka Dot Enamel ornament 6

Mom and I made a black and white themed tree one year for Christmas....
these would have been a perfect addition!

Of course you don't have to use just black paint...this idea will translate very well using any color ornament you might have on hand!


  1. Fabulous! It would be a great way to recycle old ornaments.

  2. Gorgeous and thanks for the how to.

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  4. Amazing results from such minimal supplies!

  5. Now who dosen't like polka dots!!! This is so cool! Tfs!


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