Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #11 - Crochet Wire n Bead Bracelet

Yes i know, another bracelet? 
Well, I have been coming up with gift ideas for my niece and ds's you know what they're getting for Christmas ~ jewelry!  I do have to admit that I've made some for myself as well cause I loved the results that I made for them - LOL!!  Now of course I'm making a bracelet but you can make a shorter version into a pair of earrings or longer for a necklace...or all three!

Now I know lots of people out there have already written this project off because you have to crochet. 
This is very easy!!!
If I can do it, anyone can...
I'm great with paper, glue and inks but when it comes to knitting, sewing, computer stuff I suck but I CAN crochet ~ o.k... I can crochet easy stitches and this is as easy as it gets.... one long crochet line!

I urge you to give this a go even if you think you can't....
cause you know what?
I know you can :)

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#11 - Crochet Wire n Bead Bracelet

Crochet Wire Bracelet 1


Crochet Hook - I'm using a "I"  hook.
Spool of 26 gauge wire (or close to that)
Jewelry Clasp/Closure

NOTE: - we're working with the whole spool of're not going to cut the wire until you are almost finished with your piece of jewelry.


1. Thread several beads onto your wire.  Be sure to add plenty because once you start to crochet the wire you can't go back to add more.  Depending on what you're making (bracelet, necklace, earrings) I add anywhere from 20 (for earrings) to 75-100 (triple strand necklace).

Crochet Wire Bracelet 2

2. Make a loop in the end of your wire....  I didn't do anything real fancy, just folded it over to make the loop then wrapped the excess around as shown...

Crochet Wire Bracelet 3

3. Slip the loop onto your crochet hook.  From here on out this wire will be known as wire A.  "A" wire will always be the wire closest to your thumb when you're holding the hook.

Crochet Wire Bracelet 4

4. Hold A wire in position.  Loosely wrap the rest of the wire around the top of the hook...  this piece will be known as B wire.  "B" wire will always be the wire closest to the hook.

Crochet Wire Bracelet 5

5. Slip "B" wire so it is behind the hook.  Pass "A" wire over the hook.    You have just made your first official loop!

Crochet Wire Bracelet 6

6. Now slide "B" wire back so it is now in "A" position. 

NOTE - Right now you have just completed the 4 of the 5 essential steps needed to crochet this bracelet - you will use these steps to create the entire piece.  (I told you it wasn't hard!)

Every 2-3 loops you can add the optional Bead step.

1. Establish "A" wire.
(BEAD) **Slide up 1-3 beads up the wire to the tool.
2. Wrap on a "B" wire.
3. Slide "B" wire behind the hook.
4. Slip "A" wire over the hook and off the tool.

7. Hold "A" wire in place with your thumb and wrap the wire around the hook so you now have another "B" wire.

Crochet Wire Bracelet 7

8. Slide "B" wire so it is under the hook then slip "A" wire over the hook and off the tool.    You will now start to see your crochet chain begin to form.

Continue this process until you have 3 loops on your chain.

Crochet Wire Bracelet 8

9. (BEAD Step) Now time to add a couple beads.   After you have slide "B" wire into "A" wire position pull up 1-3 beads up the wire so it is positioned behind the tool. 

Crochet Wire Bracelet 9

10. Holding the beads in position, wrap the wire around the tool to become "B" wire.  Your beads should still be positioned behind the tool.

Crochet Wire Bracelet 010

11.  Slip "B" wire behind the hook and slide "A" wire over the hook and off the tool.  Your beads are now locked onto the chain!

Crochet Wire Bracelet 011

12.  Make 2-3 more loops without adding anymore beads (move "B" wire to "A" wire position; wrap a new "B" wire onto the tool; slide "B" wire behind the hook and slip "A" wire off the tool) then add 1-3 beads and keep going.  2-3 wire loops, 1 BEAD loop, 2-3 wire loops, 1 BEAD loop, etc.

Crochet Wire Bracelet 012

13. Continue making loops and adding beads checking your measurements when you think you're getting close.  I like my finished jewelry to be 2-3 strands, you could make it single if desired or more...totally up to you.
Crochet Wire Bracelet 013

14. Once you have reached your desired length pull off a couple extra inches of wire and snip it off the spool.   

Crochet Wire Bracelet 014

15. If you're making a multi strand bracelet/necklace, fold it as shown above and gather the strands onto one jumpring.   Attach your closure/clasp/earwire as you normally would.

And here is how it turned out.....

Crochet Wire Bracelet 016

Crochet Wire Bracelet 015

And this is the one I made myself :)

Crochet Wire Bracelet 017

Crochete Wire Bracelet 018

Now it's your turn!!
Have Fun!!!


  1. Now this is awesome Roni! WOW! Fabulous results, amazing tutorial. Thank you so much!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Ok....I'm laughing my butt off here! Your bracelets are gorgeous but you lost me as soon as you said crochet! Maybe next time my Mom comes up, I will talk her into interpreting for me. I really love them!

  3. Hmm...I see definite possibilities ...

  4. This is really clever! I love all the things you share. Thank you!

  5. I want a necklace....MOM

  6. ooooh, love this! Doesn't look as hard as I thought......hummmm, I'll let you know after I try it!LOL
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  7. all your ornaments and charms are GREAT!! Thanks for taking time to post everything. I'm catching up tonight on your blog... you've been busy girl!

  8. Oh, I love this!! I can "crochet" but at first I was lost on this idea. After reading & seeing your progress, I know I'll be doing one of these. My girls (daughter & her 2 girls) will all love them! Thanks are the best!!

  9. I think I know what I shall be doing today lol thanks Roni a great idea :)
    Von xxx

  10. I know a lot of people say they can't crochet only chain so I'll tell them about your jewerly. Thank you Roni I'm going to give this a try.

  11. Wow-I love this and look forward to giving it a go! I really like it in both of the colors too.

  12. This is just beautiful; so lacy and delicate. I've never crocheted before, but I may have to give this a try! Thank you!


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