Thursday, December 8, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #10 - Chainmaille "Flower Chain" Bracelet

Yes, 2 ideas in one day!!  Christmas is coming quickly so I thought I'd speed things up a bit...

I don't know if you're familiar with Chainmaille or not but it's been around for hundreds of years ~ yes, it's similar to what the knights used to wear into battle....  Well, it's been on the fringes of the jewelry making world but I love it and wish it would become more mainstream so this is my push to help it get there.  I hope you give it a try because it really is lots of fun!   I am making a bracelet today but you could go ahead and keep chaining to turn it into a necklace or chain just a few for a nice set of earrings.

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#10 Chainmaille Flower Chain Bracelet


Jumprings* - 2 sizes of your choice
Clasp Findings

*A bit about Jumprings and sizes....  Jumprings come in ALL sizes and are measured in milimeters. For this particular bracelet I used rather large jumprings (10mm - silver and 15mm - blue) so it's easier to see what I was doing during each step.  Of course you can use smaller sized jumprings for a more delicate look or you could even go larger.  I think larger ones look cool for guys.

If you're having trouble finding larger jumprings such as the ones I used you can always search for chainmaille supplies.  Fire Mountain and Rings n Things are two sights I know and trust.

Also, a bit on don't have to buy pre-colored jumprings.  You can simply add several jumprings to a baggie...add a few drops of Alcohol Ink and ta-da!!  Colored Jumprings!  Very easy and you can make them virtually any color you want.

1.  Begin by locking one large ring into a second large ring.  When they are laid on top of each other it is called a flower (notice the set of rings closest to the handle of the pliers).  You could add 3 interlocking rings for an even cooler look but today we're keeping it simple and working with 2.

Chainmaille Bracelet

2. Take one of the smaller jumprings, open it and add two sets of flowers as shown.  Close the ring.

Chainmaille Bracelet 2

3. Take a second smaller ring and capture the same two flowers and close.  So you'll have two flowers joined by two small rings as shown below....

Chainmaille Bracelet 3

4. Now take another small ring, hook it into one of the original sets of flowers and add a third set of flowers.  Add a second smaller ring to this same set of flowers....   Now you've got 3 sets of flowers which is the start of your flower chain!

Chainmaille Bracelet 4

5. Continue adding additional flowers to the previous set using two of the smaller jumprings.

6. After your chain reaches the desired length ~ for earrings, bracelet or necklace ~ add your jewelry finding.  For earrings you'll need small jumpring and an ear wire; for a bracelet or necklace you'll need some sort of clasp....I prefer this type of closure but there are all sorts of options out there.  

Chainmaille Bracelet 6

And here is the finished bracelet....
Chainmaille Bracelet 7

Chainmaille Bracelet 5

Lovely isn't it?
I love mine and I'm planning on making a necklace to match!
I think these would make a really trendy gift for guys or gals on your gift giving list...  They could be personalized using their favorite colors too!



  1. Hi Roni -

    Wonderful color combination. I love chain mail and have made a few earrings using the technique and crystals. There are so many various designs and can become quite addicting - LOL! I love how your bracelet turned out. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Elaine Allen

  2. How simple and so cool looking!! Yep, I can see myself making some of these for presents!!! Thanks for the tip on coloring the jump rings.

    PS. Love the colors on your shirt sleeve......

  3. Cool project Roni! Love the ring coloring idea!! One little tip when working with any colored rings is to wrap a little tape around the pliers' tips so they don't scratch the color off. You can pull the tape off later, so they're good as new.

  4. Very cool! I need to make one for me!

  5. Thanks Roni!!! This will be a perfect gift for my granddaughter! I love the color of yours..looks like stream?

  6. yes it is lovely! just a word of caution tho...the AI is not really permanent..per sis made these cute things go around your neck, died all the chain, etc with AI...rubbed off as it was a wearable she emailed Tim...quick reply saying they are NOT permanent..will make another cool bracelet for my charms...tyvm!

  7. What a brilliant idea - you are so talented

  8. Great bracelet! I too think it would be fab for a guy.

  9. I saw these rings at the store but didn't get any. Might have to make a trip to pick some up cause I love your bracelet.


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