Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wicked Cool Vintage Rub-Ons @ Michaels!!

Warning...Enabler Alert!

O.k... These may not be new because I don't get to go to Michaels very often...there isn't one close to where I live. I normally only go once every couple of months.

So I was there today and I found these totally awesome Vintage rub-ons....

Michaels Rub-Ons 001

Michaels Rub-Ons 002

Michaels Rub-Ons 003

If you're interested they are in the $1.00 bins along with a bunch of other nifty goodies along the same lines as these.

Way cool and for a buck I couldn't pass them up ;)

O.k....enabler alert over ~ LOL!!!


  1. I'm looking for them on Saturday.

  2. Cool!! I'm like you...the closest Michaels is 1-1/2 hours away. Haven't been there in years! But with cool stuff like these I may have to add to my list when I DO GO! Thanks for sharing!!


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