Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sewing for Dad

Happy Autumn Everyone!!!


I hope you've had a wonderful start to this my favorite season of the year.

Today in Indiana it doesn't exactly feel like the first day of's in the upper 80's!!!

Yesterday we tied the record (93) and tomorrow we're supposed to set a new record!!!

What the @#*(&%^(!!!!

Don't quite understand what's up with that but guess you gotta take what you can get.

Well since we "Should" be having cooler temps this time of year I thought I ought to get my butt in gear and finish a project that I've been putting off for a while now.

Let me explain a bit...I'm not a very good seamstress...

Honestly, I hate to sew clothing... (love to sew paper though!!)

When I was pregnant with my first child I *thought* I'd sew some of my own clothing...let's just say after my first painful, discouraging attempt I bought all of my cloths!

BUT, for some strange reason my whole family thinks I can sew...I guess because dh repairs industrial sewing machines ~ so everyone assumes I can sew. (NOT!!!!)

Anyway, they always bring me sewing projects...

I always do what I'm asked but I never have a good time of it and if there were anyone in our area I would gladly pay whomever to sew them for me - LOL!

Well, a couple months ago Dad brought over a new denim jacket and a very old denim from the late 60's as a matter of fact. It was the jacket that he had worn when he was in the Navy and had all of his mission patches (I think that's what they are called) sewn on it. Needless to say he's grown a bit since then so he wanted me to transfer all of those patches over to the new jacket and add a couple extra patches ~ 15 patches in all. (omg!!!)

Well I've been putting it off and putting it off because 1) I knew it was too hot to wear it and 2) I suck at sewing!

Today I decided it was time to finish it took me most of the day ~ 7:30-2:30 ~ but here it is...

All of the patches except the two on the front are sewn on. The 2 on the front are attached with Streuter Glue Film!!! I couldn't sew them on because of the pocket placement on the coat (the old coat didn't have any upper pockets). The two black patches on the arms are the new ones...

Sewing for Dad 001

Sewing for Dad 002

So while I don't have anything crafty to share today at least I got this huge (for me) project out of the way!


What a relief!!!

Do you ever have projects "given" to you that you just dread?


  1. I love it and it was a labor of love. I miss do mending and various sewing for my dad. I did draw the line when he asked me to darn his socks! LOL

  2. LOL It's probably me to me. However, last fall I reupholstered my sofa - first time I've ever reupholstered. AND I HAD TO DO IT ALL BY HAND! Couldn't get a staple gun to work and couldn't buy a really good one and an air compressor. So there I was using upholstery tacks - and had to hold them with tweezers to hammer them in because they're too small to hold well with fingers. Here's the sofa: Anyway, my MIL wanted me to do a wing chair for her after. So far she hasn't hounded me on it though. *knock on wood*

  3. I have 4 aprons for another personal chef, who gave me the material, pattern and thread, 4 years ago. I don't have a serger, so I have to French seam all the inside seams and use seam binding on the 2 front outside seams. UGHHH!

  4. I hate sew! I used to sew at home as a business...made wedding dresses, wool pants & jackets..the whole 9 yrds. I really got to hate doing it after several years. So now, I hate to sew. But a friend of mine asked me to sew this skirt for her and I have put it off for about 3 years now. Maybe I'll get it out now! Roni, you inspire me to create cool art if you can sew on patches..I can do this skirt!!

    I think I'm thanking you...but I'm not sure!! :) :)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!