Wednesday, September 1, 2010

La Femme ~ Altered Spoon!

Happy September!

Gosh I just can't believe that it's already September...

this year has simply flown by!

Today I decided to change it up a bit and share an altered/collage project with you.

Several weeks ago I bought these nifty old spoons at a garage sale for a quarter a piece! I love it when I find a great buy like that. Anyway, I knew I was going to alter them at some point. Today I was feeling a bit under the weather and was not inspired at all to stamp a thing so I decided that I'd pull these spoons out and play.

La Femme Altered Spoon 001

I decided to use the large serving spoon and I really loved the intricate design on the handle so I decided to highlight it a bit with acrylic paint as you will see below.

La Femme

Altered Spoon


Vintage Serving Spoon

Acrylic Paint - Ranger

Collage Image - Tuscan Rose

Rock Candy - Ranger

Bits and Pieces of Ephemera, Lace, Ribbon, Flowers, Etc.


1. Smear black acrylic paint over the entire spoon. Let it dry a few seconds and wipe away most of it leaving behind traces in the crevices and around the edges. If you wipe too much off, no worries ~ simply repeat until you are satisfied with the effect.

La Femme Altered Spoon 002

La Femme Altered Spoon 003

2. (optional) Repeat step number 1 using a green tint acrylic paint to add a bit of that great green patina. I used Pool and Clover.

NOTE: The patina on the spoon bowl is real.

La Femme Altered Spoon 005

3. Begin your collage by adding a nice foundation. I like to use bits of vintage sheet music, vintage dictionary pages, old news clippings, etc. Just something nice to get you started off right.

La Femme Altered Spoon 004

4. Continue building the collage by adding bits and pieces here and there. I used mesh netting, vintage hair pins (found at a flea market), loose and strung vintage faux pearls (I affixed these to the spoon using Sepia Accents), pen nibs, seam binding, an old bottle cap and more.

Here is what it looked like once it was finished...

La Femme Altered Spoon 006

and here is a close up....

La Femme Altered Spoon 006

To hang it up once it's dry I'm going to add a canvas picture hanger (the type with very strong double stick adhesive) to the back.

So there you go ~

A quick and easy collage

in a Spoon!

Not something you'd think of every altering every day!

Two or three of these little beauties would make a great little grouping to hang on a wall or simply place on an end table or shelf...


  1. It's great! Somewhere (LOL) I have a box of old spoons. When I find them, I'll have a project.

  2. That is Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the tutorial! I am going to try that!

  3. Roni this is such a great idea. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I might just try this!

  4. Gorgeous idea фтв delightful performance!
    Thanks for inspiration!

  5. fabulous and the foto of all the old spoons together would make a fantabulous watercolor painting. Could I paint that foto?!...I would give you credit for the foto and the inspiration of course.
    Cynthia Schelzig

  6. Oh I say, this is beautiful. I haven't seen them altered quite like this before. I bought some myself ages ago, but didn't know where to start - thank you for showing us, I hope to get back to crafting next week.

  7. This is so beautiful!! I am definitely trying this! Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Now where did I put that old spoon? I know I have one somewhere. You give me inspiration Roni.

  9. Hi Roni,,,,just now found your email back to me about using the foto for an inspiration to paint them in watercolor...will let you know so you can see it...thanks:)

  10. I have been looking for a way to paint spoons!! Thanks for posting this!! so glad I found this! Off to the craft store!!


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