Friday, September 3, 2010

Ink Stained Card Sketch & JFF Free For All

Happy Friday!!!

Woo Hoo!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week...

Normally today is Just For Fun Friday featuring a different Color Challenge but since it's a holiday weekend there isn't anything special planned so I thought I'd go ahead and make my own challenge in the form of an Ink Stained Card Sketch :)

Here is the sketch...

Ink Stained Sketch 9-3-10 001

Now of course you don't have to add the sentiment if you don't want. I often leave my cards blank until I have an occasion arise that I need a card quickly. I can add whatever sentiment is necessary at that time and be set to go :)

Here is the card I created...

Blueberry Delight!

Ink Stained Sketch 9-3-10 005

This card incorporates the new stamp - Berry Bunch. I love it because by changing the color of the berries you can have a whole new plant ~ ex... they could be blueberries, birds berries (those red berries in the fall), if you left them white they could even be mistletoe for a neat Christmas card!

I colored the image using a combination of Distress Inks and watercolor pencils. The blueberries were covered with Glossy Accents which weren't quite dry when I took the photo which is why they look a bit cloudy yet. They will loose that cloudiness once they are completely dry.

If you have a bit of time this weekend stop by Just For Fun and browse their amazing array of stamps available.

I hope that you can get a bit of inky crafting time in this weekend...

I'm going to be working on goodies for my Ink Stains card booth for the Ladies Night Out affair I will be attending in just....

7 days!!!


I'll be back sometime this weekend to share some of what I am creating to see what you think.

Till then friends ~
I hope you all have a super weekend


for all you folks here in the USA please have a safe holiday weekend!!


  1. Love the card and those blueberries look yummy! I like that cloudiness they look real!!! Great job Roni!

  2. Thanks for a great sketch...and another great card!! This stamp is really nice and really would be very versatile. Since I'll be home for the weekend (too much traffic) I'm going to get dirty!!!
    hee hee...playing with inks and stamps, that is! Have a great weekend, Roni!

  3. I know what you mean about adding the sentiment later. I was looking for a sympathy card last week and all the cards I had done didn't fit. So I plan on making at least some cards with wordless fronts. I am making a message board for my grandson and hope to get inky at some point too.

    Have a great holiday. Weeeeeeeee no work Monday.


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