Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Felt Flower Pin

Today I have a fun project that is quick, easy and takes only a minimal amount of supplies...
Autumn Felt Flower Pin
I only had one color of felt in my stash (the light brown behind the colored swatches) so rather than go out and buy more I decided to see if I could dye it to the colors I wanted!

I tried a few different methods and the two that worked best are shown...

autumn felt flower pin 001
The maroon and yellow swatches on the bottom were spritzed with Glimmer Mist.  The glimmer part doesn't show up but the color does beautifully.  I think if you mixed up some Distress Re-Inker and water in a little spritz bottle it would work just as well.

The second method that worked well was to rub Distress Inks directly on to the felt.  The brown and orange swatches were created using this technique.

Both worked very well and didn't fade much as it dried.  I tried a few other types of ink and most faded or didn't dry well on the felt.


Die-Cut or Scissors
Ink (optional)
Hot Glue or Fav. Adhesive
Poker Chip or other Pin Base
Pin Back
Embellishments (for flower center)


1. Die-cut or hand cut several different flower shapes in a variety of sizes.  I used a couple different Sizzix dies.  I also cut a few branches from the bare tree and some leaves from the sunflower die.

autumn felt flower pin 002
2. If necessary, dye your felt to the desired colors.

autumn felt flower pin 003
3. Begin hot gluing your layers to your pin base.  I have a bunch of vintage poker chips I am using for these pins.  Other ideas might be ~ flat game pieces, chipboard, cardboard, bottle caps, TH Fragments, etc... basically anything that is sturdy and has a flat surface to work on.

autumn felt flower pin 004
4. Continue layering on each flower building it up as you go...

autumn felt flower pin 005
I like to use the flower die I have because of the hole in the allows me to push some of the flowers in the hole giving the upper layers a bit of fullness and dimension instead of just plain flat flowers.

autumn felt flower pin 006
5. Add desired embellishment to the center of each flower.  This could be any number of things....faux gemstones or pearls, game pieces, brads, buttons, bingo chips, TH Fragments, etc.  

6. Glue a pin back to the base of your flower pin.

And here is how they turned out....
(NOTE: the glue wasn't quite dry on the pearls so one is out of place...I moved it back into place to dry as you can see from the individual photo.)
autumn felt flower pin 008
autumn felt flower pin 009
autumn felt flower pin 010
autumn felt flower pin 012
autumn felt flower pin 013
What do you think?
Pretty cool for something so quick and easy huh?
How would you like to grab one of these little Autumn beauties for yourself?
To be entered to be one of three winners all you need to do is post a comment telling me what your favorite fall flower is!
You have until 10-3-10 to post your comment!
Good Luck Friends!!!


  1. AWESOME, can't wait to try it, never thought about changing the ugly color I have...THANKS for the inspiration!

  2. you are very resourceful! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Nice!
    Could also use your scrapbook markers. I used to do this with ribbon and string. If you spritz it with water after, it'll help spread the ink.

  4. Beautiful flower pins! My favorite fall flower is the mum. They come in so many great fall colors. They grow easily and give color when the rest of my yard is tired and ready to rest for the winter.

  5. hey! These are really cool, they've turned out really well. Clever you :o)

  6. What a Great Idea!! I Love the Fall Flowers you created and would love to win one!!!
    My Favorite Fall Flower would have to be the Mum!! They come in so many beautiful colors!!
    Thanks for the Inspiration!!
    PS I am from Indiana too and I agree we have been having some really Hot weather for the Fall of the year!! 91 here today!!

  7. HI, what lovely Fall Flower Pins you've made! I follow your blog and you always have the most gorgeous pieces and work. Thank you, I always enjoy stopping in here!
    I would have to say that the beautiful mum is my most favorite flower for the Fall. Happy Fall to you! Also, thank you so much for this awesome chance!
    I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening!

  8. OMG I just knew it would be distress inks! I absolutely love how versatile they are. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are Fantastic! Your creations always amaze me! My favorite fall flower would have to be orange daisies, I think they are so lovely! Have A Great Night!

  10. The flowers are great! My favorites! LOL Seriously, I like mums and flowering kale for fall.

  11. Those are very nice. My favorite fall flower is the sunflower!!

  12. Love what you did with the fav. Fall color has to be ORANGE!!!!

  13. My favorite fall flower is mum's. I have some along the side of my home and my husband say's,"If we ever decide to sell our home we need to do it in the fall b/c the mum's make it look so nice" Thanks for the idea. I would never had thought to use felt and ink. You are so creative.

  14. What a great post, Roni. Not only did I learn how to make those cute pins, but also how to dye felt! Thanks a bunch. My favorite fall flower is the mum. I love their colors. I really really also like bittersweet, although I know it's not a flower.

  15. I love your pins - they look like a lot of fun to make. I too love the mum!

  16. These are gorgeous! My favorite fall flowers are definatly mums. I love the autumn mix colors especially and grouped together are gorgeous!

  17. Mums are my favorites for fall flowers. So many colors to choose from.
    Your felt flowers are lovely!

  18. Very Cool! Just one more reason why I must get a die cutting machine and quick!

  19. love this idea. they would look great on cards, can't wait to try it. As for favorite fall flowers, by the time fall comes around up here in the Great White North, there is nothing left but the mum. ha ha. I only starting to appreciate their colors last year but I wouldn't say they were my favorite. Does a burning bush count? They are sooo vibrant and although they don't smell, my favorite additions to my garden are my burning bushes. Thanks for your site...I always come away with awesome idea and frugal ways to scrap.

  20. Wonderful tutorial Roni. Those flower pins turned out great!

  21. Roni, you never cease to amaze me!! These pins are beautiful! I really love sunflowers and so do all the birds!! I toss the heads out for them after I'm done enjoying them!

  22. Cool idea! Never thought about
    inking felt! Thanks for sharing
    your idea! Diane H.

  23. Roni, those are amazing! I have a lot of felt and I will try this. My favorite fall flower is the Sunflower. I just love them!!! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  24. What an incredibly clever idea! I'm going to try this for Christmas

  25. Way cool - thanks for showing how to create so many wonderful projects.

    Pretty standard favorite here - Mums

  26. oh i would have to say my rose shrubs. they are now in their fall bloom and are simply gorgeous. i also love my flowers that look like pumpkins..i am not sure what their real names are but they are a brilliant flower as well. and i can't forget my moms and asters. i love them too.... okay i think you have the message my favourite fall flower would be any and all of them!

  27. The colors of marigolds always remind me of fall and of my mother so; they are definitely my favorite "fall flower".
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I am looking forward to trying my hand at creating some of these in a variety of colors :)

  28. Thanks a lot for the great post. you give an idea to color my felt using the ink :)


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