Sunday, September 5, 2010

Antique Shopping ~ Allen, MI

I wanted to tell you about a totally awesome place to visit if you're into vintage, antique goodies.... Allen, Michigan and the Allen Antique Barn!! This entire town is FULL of antique stores. We only had time to hit 3 of them but my oh was an awesome experience. Even if you're not in the market to buy I guarantee you'll have a wonderful time browsing the amazing array of items for sale and on display.

I found a few goodies here and there all very reasonably priced...a couple old dictionaries ($1.00 each), vintage bottle caps ($3.00), a bag of vintage evening gloves ($5.00), a nifty baby jar organizer that I'm sure was once in a garage which I'm going to clean up and use for embellishments ($4.00). I found a few other bits I plan on using for some altered art projects as well something for my youngest sons b-day that is coming up the end of this week!

Of course not everything was such a great deal...the last place we visited was a bit on the expensive side but it was still fun to look at everything.

To me antique malls and flea markets are museums of every day life past...almost like a window to yesteryear. I guess that's why I could wander the isles for hours upon hours.

Here are just a few views of some of the awesome displays and cool goodies up for grabs...

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 001

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 003

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 005

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 023

Mom's going to shoot me when she sees these but here are a few more pics...Mom & Dad...

You can only see a fraction of the antique barn in this's prob. 8x more not shown on this one floor (this store was two stories)!!

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 002

This is a little shop adjacent to one of the antique malls. It has both reproduction as well as a few vintage booths inside.

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 012

I am so totally making some of these....Glass Flowers! They are yard pokes for your garden or whatever but they are so cool!!! I already bought a couple pieces of green glass at a yard sale yesterday for $1.35!! I have to collect a few more pieces before I can put it together but I'm very excited about it already :)

Antique Shopping - Allen MI 014

So if you ever have the chance or are in the area I highly recommend stopping by and checking this awesome little town out.

You won't be disappointed!!


  1. Seeing these shots reminds me of when we used to own a Country Store. We carried all kinds of antiques, collectibles, art and of course lots of cool crafts. Looks like you found a great spot!

  2. lol ...I LIVE in MI clue where allentown is,but I might have to find it now! ty u enabler you! xo cher

  3. I love antique shopping!!! I have even been able to get my husband to go and he loves it. I love taking a trip down memory lane. I find a lot of comfort from seeing all the old toys and items that remind me of my grandmother. I would buy a lot of stuff if I had somewhere to put it!!


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