Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watercolor Pencil Tip!

I wanted to let you know about another posting of mine over at Stampers Quest since it seemed to fit in so well with this weeks supply challenge!

This was actually a tip that I had planned on sharing in the book but as you know I had far too much information to pack into one book so it had to be cut.

The tip is on how to add life to a water colored image by adding a little zing to the edges. This tip would actually work with other mediums as well ... pastels, markers, Distress Inks, etc.

The examples used were created with one of my favorite stamps from B-Line Designs! I think she's so very classy!



  1. hey - that was you!
    thanks -for that tip!
    Love it!

  2. It is so neat seeing you at Stamper's Quest. I feel like I should be nudging my neighbor with an elbow and saying "hey, that's Roni! I 'know' her from her blog!"

  3. Thanks for the tip and seeing the difference between the images. I love it..and it was fun to check out Stamper's Quest as well!!


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