Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Supply Challenge - Chalk!

My supply challenge today centers around a medium that at one time I used almost daily...that is until Distress Inks came out. After that my chalks were doomed to live in isolation at the bottom of my "go to" basket of supplies.

As you can see I have a nice selection...

Chalk 002

Several years ago I was into scrapbooking swaps pretty heavily. Chalk was a mainstay especially in paper piecing and punchie art swaps. Of course, as I mentioned above, after I got my hands on my first Distress Ink pad I really haven't used them since. So they were a logical choice when I decided to use up some goodies from the past.

I don't really have a favorite brand of chalk as you can tell...I used whatever I could get my hands on. I was more interested in colors than brand. I use a variety of little tools to apply the chalk. Mostly I use the little pom-pom balls ~ not the chalk type...the kind you find in the general craft section (way cheaper!), the mini make-up sticks that have the foam tips, q-tips or cotton balls.

The biggest problem I have with using chalks is myself...I'm a messy crafter so I'm always getting chalk where it shouldn't be. If you have the same problem I suggest having a white eraser on hand. They make special "chalk" erasers but I think that's just so they can charge you more ;) I use a plain old white eraser from the office supply store and it works just fine.

Normally you don't need anything to set the chalk but I know some people insist that you should use hair spray but I never do. I did try to squirt a few different things on the chalks last night when I was experimenting to see if I could achieve a different look but nothing much phased it. I used Ink Refresher, Stamp Cleaner, Fixative, Water and more. Nothing much effected it but I did notice that the Ink Refresher did seem to brighten the chalks intensity. An interesting side effect that I wasn't expecting! Just something to keep in mind if you'd like a brighter image.

So here is what I came up with....

Birthday Wishes

Stamps - All images/sentiment are Inkadinkado

Chalk 007


Purple Passion - Thank You

Stamp - Rubber Stampede by Delta

Chalk 008

I have to admit once I dug them out and started playing with them I remembered how much fun I had using chalks. Yes, I got chalk all hands, table, cloths, cardstock but it was worth it! I think the cards turned out pretty cool and I guess the most important thing is I enjoyed myself!

So now it's your turn...

pull out your chalks

~ even if it's just a small set ~

and have some fun!

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you get into it!


  1. Very pretty. I am new to paper crafting and blogging. I can relate to messy crafting and ink stains on my hands. Going to see if I can find the follower your blog button. Smiles, Kim

  2. These two cards are so beautiful! I have wanted to try chalk for a while now, but I am always afraid it might erase a bit form the card after a while... I'll definitely buy some sometime soon though, your cards really got me wanting to try chalk =)

  3. I have just recieved a new set in a kit and am having fun rediscovering the fun. like you I love my distress inks but chalks can be fun. thanks for sharing

  4. I have just recently started to use chalk and to see what you've created here has really inspired me! Very beautiful!


  5. I was never very good with chalk...and mine are stored away somewhere.....Hmmm you make me want to try again. Love both your cards. Just beautiful

  6. Man I forgot all about my chalk set after Distress Inks came along. LOL I honestly have no idea where they are. LOL

  7. okay, now i need to know if you used your chalk on the stamps... or how exactly did you use them?? cuz i only used my chalks for edging something... or even a stencil now and then... i'll have to go search your web page for chalk techniques... more more more!! thanks for keepin it real, Roni!

  8. I have some chalk that I haven't pulled out for awhile. Thanks for the inspiration Roni!


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