Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SCS - Blogs/DT/Ad Post

I normally don't post much about things I read on Splitcoast Stampers because well if I want to comment about them I do it there in the particular thread. There is however a discussion currently going on that hits home for me which I personally have been struggling with for a while now and really would like to share with you all.

The specific thread is "I miss the days...". (Please don't feel like you have to go read it...just in case you would like to.)

It originally started out with this post...

"Don't flame me, I am not trying to start something. I just miss the days when I would open up splitcoaststampers and everything in the general stamping talk was techniques, cool ideas and inspiration. It just feels like there are so many threads that either don't pertain to stamping or are ads for stuff. I find myself scrolling down the threads missing the good ol days."

but it soon evolved (as discussions often do) to include other subjects such as ads, design teams, blogs, using older stamps, etc.

I don't particularly have an opinion on the General Stamping section of SCS's forum, I read what I want to and disregard the rest. As I was reading through the thread though there were a few comments that I found interesting...

"That's what's great about blogs: people can do whatever they want. And I can take what's useful to me and ignore the rest, just like I do when reading magazines. If even the pictures cease to be useful, I delete the blog from my Google reader. I'm always irrationally sad when I do this, because I add blogs I loved in the first place. I feel like I'm breaking up with a friend who has grown away from me. But things change, and sometimes I like the change, sometimes not.

That's what I do. Also, if blog doesn't change in a week or so, I delete it. There are lot of stampers out there who take the time and effort to change their blog every day or so and I really enjoy looking at those."

"As for blogs, they're a huge time commitment. If being on DTs and posting a few links here or there earns the blog owners some freebies, more power to them! They get something for their trouble and it's still free entertainment for me."

"Blogs - I enjoy the ones that are less heavily loaded with a company pitch. Now, quite a few of the ones I subscribe to are DT members, I don't have an issue with that. But I just don't like a strong sales pitch - the name of the product is enough for me. I really don't want twenty different hyperlinks. "

There were many other comments about blogs sounding like ads, using only one companies stamps, pushing products, etc. Lots of comments which I understood and many more which I didn't.

Now, I had a whole big explanation written up about Ink Stains, time, money, why I do what I do, etc. but I deleted it. My thoughts on this issue encompass so many facts and facets...it's hard to boil it down into just a few paragraphs (it went on for several and I was no where near done explaining myself!). Trust me, dh and I talk about this frequently...where am I going with Ink Stains?, where do I want to be as a designer?, artist?, is it a job?, a hobby?, on and on?!?!?

I guess for now my main reason for posting this is that I would hate for you all to feel that Ink Stains has changed into one big ad or that I'm always "hawking" stuff. I've never been a good salesman because I feel like I'm begging no matter what the cause/reason.

Please know I joined the teams and work for companies that I feel offer good quality products at reasonable prices and to be able to continue to bring you new projects, techniques and ideas.

As always, please feel free to post your thoughts and comments.


  1. you just said "out loud" what I have been thinking.

  2. Ronnie--you are a generous person and no matter what direction your life/career/hobby goes you will continue to share yourself.

    I read a lot of blogs that promote specific products--but I don't mind that, because the general idea and inspiration is universal and I can apply it/them using whatever I have on hand...that is what art and creation is all about...something out of whatever happens to be in hand.

    Your new stamps are awesome and you should not feel bad promoting/selling them. Each reader has the free will to buy or not to buy.

    Personally I've never bought anything online, but it's not for lack of wanting it...I'd buy most of what I see if money were no object...but as well I'm impatient and don't want to wait for a delivery.

    If you never shared anything else for free, you given far more of yourself than any of us could accumulate on our own over many many years. We'd have to take a ton of classes or work up a ton of stuff trial and error or read a ton of books just to get the information.

    How you share as much as you do is beyond me. This I know for sure, the people like you who live in the heartland are all heart.

    Thanks for all you give to us.

  3. I love your blog and it is because you share yourself with us without reservation. I also don't mind that you gave us the opportunity to purchase from you. I visit you every day that I have the oportunity! God bless!

  4. Roni, I really like your blog and that fact that you are very honest in your product reviews--just like the I-Roc tool review. As well as giving alternatives to expensive products like dew drops-by the way I did check out the moon drops at Joannes-very cool.

    Most newbies like myself really appreciate the opinion of experienced artists to help us in making the right choices when it comes to products especially when some of us are on tight budgets. And your stamps are very cool and the way you promote them is not pushy at all in my opinion.

    We appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog so Keep doin' what your doin' girl-and we will keep reading!

  5. Roni...I absolutely love your blog. I'm in awe of your talent and I learn something new every time I visit. I think your stamps are wonderful and I am so happy you are running with your own stamp line. Don't feel bad for promoting them. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. You go, girl!!!

  6. I check the ink stains blog every day. I like the way you put in links for the supplies you are using and always using multiple vendors. This blog has given me a wide range of ideas that i try to incorporate in my scrapbooking and has introduced me to vendors i never would have known about. Keep up the great work.

  7. I do not feel like you're hawking stuff here. I see tons of techniques and inspiration and it doesn't feel like one large ad. If you collaborate with one company for one reason or another that is because you have the right to use the products that most speak to you. So don't worry too much about it.

  8. I love your blog! I learn so much. My "full meal deal" arrived yesterday, I hope to get some art time in with them later tonight.

  9. Hi Roni...u KNOW I personally have loved your blog since the first day I found you! Why you ask? First...you are one genuine lady..who (like me) manages a family, a family bizness and your blog with superb juggling skills! I can't do the blog thing..but I visit many to LEARN...cuz I think you are the best teacher around. I love your book and hope you write another for me soon! I love to learn! I also appreciate your knowledge about prices, what is worth buying, your comparisons, etc..you are my CONSUMERS REPORT in scrappin! Your head contains so much great stuff, you for sure should promote your book, stamps, DT status and the like..and for sure you dont do it daily...I used to go to SCS alot, but got overwhelmed with all the posts ...same with Fiskers ...and I am busier now but you...I see you every day here no matter what, even when Im sick! Just know we all appreciate you and what you give us ( GIVE>>>u dont charge to see your blog) so I dont think anyone will ever complain about your blog...in fact, I just send folks here as much as I can. Wish I could buy more products but...have to use my stash up first...lol! just TY for being you! xo cher

  10. Love your blog! Love your sharing! Love when you direct us to products- your own and others - please do not stop! I wish you had not deleted your post about you/ink stains- i would love to read it!

  11. Ronnie, I love your blog. You have amazing talent and share insights, techniques, product review,etc freely. I look for blogs, first of all that inspire me (and yours is exceptional). Second, techniques and product info. I love to see different ways to use the same product. If a blog is selling something they have developed, I think that's wonderful...how else are we going to find different supplies...I'm very glad I found your blog...you are a wonderful blogger and teacher.
    thanks for sharing yourself.

  12. Hey Roni! I have never felt you are an ad for a company. I love that you will give us honest details about a product before we buy, tell us how to get more for our money by using cheaper items to get results and actually take the time to answer our endless questions and respond to our comments. Trust me when I say you are doing way better than the companys you support.

  13. Roni, you have a passion that you wish to share with others, not a product(s). That's why I come to visit. I do not comment on everything 'coz that's not how I roll....but I do stop by daily to see what you've been playing and experimenting with. That's the joy of Roni. I'm not goin' anywhere... 'nuff said.


  14. I love your blog exactly the way it is, and I *never* feel as if you are in it to promote product. Your blog is definitely one of the best (maybe even THE best - I certainly haven't found any better so far!) at sharing techniques, ideas, inspiration, and product. I love that you share the manufacturer of the stamps you use - in fact, it drives me crazy when some blogs never mention where their stamps come from or even how in the world they put their artwork together. (And I don't mind at all if some of the product happens to be your own - I'm grateful that you are sharing your talent.)

    Okay, perhaps I should stop, 'cuz I could probably go on and on, too, LOL!! I love everything I find here. How's that for short and to the point? tee hee.... Have a great week, Roni!

  15. Roni, you are such a sweet lady who shares with us in blogland the things that you care about and love. You never seem to be hawking your wares and your talents are just endless. Keep up what you do...for me it's always daily inspiration!

  16. I do not think that your blog is more about selling....I see it as more about helping and inspiring. Personally, I appreciate product suggestions and ideas about where to buy them. I think you spend a huge amount of time photographing tutorials, ideas, etc. and I really appreciate all of the work you do for us!
    Love your blog!

  17. Personally, I think "Ink Stains" and you yourself, Roni, is not just a blog! Not one to just read and flip through to the next one. You share your talents and expertise like no one else out there in the crafty world! Reading your blog (daily for me) is like opening up the door to a classroom and a friend! I hope you will never stop what you are doing. Not just because I'm selfish and want to come here every day, but because it's the "one place" that I DON"T feel like you should buy something or submit something just to be there!!
    Please don't worry about promoting othe companies or sites. If you use a certain stamp or ink then that's good enough for me!!

    Roni "YOU ROCK"!!!

  18. sense I found your blog..I dont have the time to read it every day but once a week I sit down and look at everything you have done for the week...i love how you compare and give examples of everything..YOU TRY TO SAVE US MONEY!! every single time i get on your blog i get up and try what you have done..because i love it!! you give us your mistakes (so we dont do the same thing AND WE WOULD!! HA HA) and your best..you ask for nothing in return from us..YOU DO AMAZING WORK keep it up!! not to mention all the things i would have NEVER known about if it wasnt for you (antique wood stamps!! AWESOME)


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