Friday, July 30, 2010

Pattern Paper Lined Envies!

In keeping with the supply challenge spirit of the week I thought I'd share another fun way to use up some of your pattern paper collection ;)

Lined Envie 001

Last fall I shared a way to create your entire envelope from pattern paper ~ Easy Envelopes. Today I wanted to share an easy way to transform ANY plain envies you may already have in your stash into amazing envelopes with a few quite snips!

Easy Lined Envelopes

1. Measure the width of the envelope...this one happens to measure 5.25".

Lined Envie 003

Now open the envelope and measure how tall it is. This envelope measures 6.25" at the peak.

Lined Envie 004

2. Now for a bit of math....subtract .50" from each measurement. This is the size you will need to cut your pattern paper. So my pp will need to be 4.75" x 5.75".

3. Center the envelope over the trimmed piece of pattern paper. Draw lines on each side of the flap using a pencil. Cut away the excess.

Lined Envie 005

Lined Envie 006

If you have a flat topped envie (no point) align one edge of the envelope flap to the upper edge of your pattern paper

Lined Envie 009

4. Slip the trimmed piece of pattern paper into the envelope and center it where desired.

Lined Envie 007

5. Now fold the flap and paper over and crease along the fold line. Remove the pattern paper and apply a bit of adhesive ONLY on the flap part of the pattern paper. Slip the paper back into the envie and secure.

Lined Envie 008

And here are just a few examples of the envies I whipped up!

As you can see this works with any size or shape envelope you might own.

Lined Envie 010

NOTE: after you line your envie...use the scraps to create a matching card!

Now how easy and cool is that!!!

Not only is it very quick and simple to do you will also be using up some of that old pattern paper to make room for new - LOL!!! ;) didn't hear that part right?!?!?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you say there was some math. (shuttering) O.K. I'll give it a try they are really pretty when finished.

  3. this is a great tip-- thanks for this; what an easy way to make a matching envelope to go with a card!!


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