Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Napkin Art - Part II - Layered Napkin Collage

Continuing with our Napkin Art projects today I wanted to share a few tips when working on a layered napkin collage.

You're basically going to go at this in the same fashion as you did with the Basic Napkin Collage that I shared with you yesterday.

*I do find that when working on a layered napkin collage it is best if you have gathered all your supplies and determined placement before you begin with the glue.

Here I have gathered several different napkins, a bit of vintage sheet music and a plaque that I bought at that huge garage sale a few months ago.

Napkin Collage - Layered Napkin Collage 001

Napkin Collage - Layered Napkin Collage 003

*Now once you have your supplies gathered, peel the extra layers from the napkins and cut or tear the desired areas away that you will be using in your collage. Don't throw the excess away...it can be used in other collage projects, on cards, tags, etc.

*When using an existing plaque or canvas, I like to give it a little white wash (or any color for that matter) with acrylic paint to tone down the image/text that is already there. This will help it blend into your finished collage a bit better and not over power the napkins.

Napkin Collage - Layered Napkin Collage 004

*Begin adding layers of napkins or other ephemera as shown in the Basic Napkin Collage directions... a bit of glue, napkin, additional glue to smooth it all down. If you have all of your elements prepared before hand you should be able to move along at a pretty good clip. The glue from previous layers will still be wet so you can simply add the next layer a bit of glue and smooth.

Napkin Collage - Layered Napkin Collage 005

*Since you could possibly be working with several layers of napkin/glue this collage will take a bit longer to dry. I like to let mine set over night just to be absolutely sure that everything is set before finishing off the collage.

Napkin Collage - Layered Napkin Collage 007

I'll be back tomorrow with the finished collage


I will also have a quick, inexpensive and way cool alternative to one of today's hottest little embellishments!

Be sure to stop back in then!


  1. that is cool!! i will definitely be back to see...love the layering!

  2. Now why can't I ever find beautiful napkins like the ones you are using? Those are just so different.

    Elaine Allen

  3. This is awesome! I must have some nice old napkins around here somewhere! Those Damask ones are gorgeous!

  4. WOW! Absolutely stunning. Love the finished project too :)
    Kay x


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