Friday, July 16, 2010

Napkin Art - Altered Flashlight!

You silly people didn't think I'd tease you with the flashlight in my Off the Beaten Path post then not alter it did you?!?!?

I actually had to wait for it to dry completely before I could cut away the excess napkin. I started working on it after I made the headband and it took much longer to dry thanks to all the humidity :S

So here goes ~

My napkin art/decoupaged/altered flashlight!

napkin flashlight 001

napkin flashlight 002

Fun HUH???

When altering something with moving parts ~ like the on and off switch on this flashlight ~ you'll need to leave room to move it back and forth. To help with this I flipped it on and off while I was applying the napkin/glue so I knew just how far I could go without interfering in it's path.

BTW, lots of people have been asking where all the cool napkin designs came from....the Napkin Swap of course ;) I found many of my designs at a local party supply store. They had TONS of cool designs in all sorts of themes. I also bought a few from e-bay that I couldn't find anywhere else.

Since we've had fun with napkins all week I thought I'd share this flashlight and a few extra alterables and napkins with one lucky winner!!

So, if you would like to be entered to win, just post a comment on this thread and tell me which technique you'd like to try first OR something you'd like to alter using some fun deco napkins!

You have until 7-25 to enter to win!

Good Luck Friends!!

Things to come....

Tomorrow I'm going to try and post a new Ink Stained Card Sketch, Sunday is of course Vintage Postcard Sunday and next week I'm planning on stamping up an ATC/Gothic Arch sure to stop in and see what fun techniques I incorporate into them!


  1. That flashlight goes beyond the "cool" category!! I really love it. I haven't tried the napkin technique yet but after I shop for some colorful napkins I'm going to give it a shot.

  2. That flashlight is way cool! Thanks for the tip re: where to find fun napkins - I will have to try some of your ideas when I get napkins I like.

  3. Well, since DH & the cat won't stand still long enough, I guess the ugly lamp next to my chair will be what I work on first!!

  4. Flashlight is very cool. I need to find a place to buy cool napkins and then I could alter some notebooks or something.

  5. What a fun flashlight. Makes you want the electricity to go out for just a bit so you can use it.
    I have some great glass bottles I have covered with some napkins. Just plain white ones that I inked with color. I'd love to cover some with some fun printed napkins.

  6. Love he flashlight and the headbands. I think I might need to find some napkins.

  7. You're finding some very cool napkins! Kind of fun to search for pretty designs. Thanks for sharing the ideas with us!

  8. How fun. I think this would be a great kid project too!

  9. What a fun way to use napkins! I'd like to try it on some glass vases.

  10. LOVE the flashlight!! I just might have to do one like this for my son... he'd think it was very cool. I have a LOT of napkins and don't use them nearly enough... I must start!!

  11. That flashlight looks beautiful now! Great job. I've never, ever decoupaged ANYTHING, but I keep thinking "I have to try that!" whenever I see a piece that is especially well made. The thing I want to decoupage most is an old chest of drawers. OK, OK, I admit that's a big project, but still... can't you just see it? My nice little old commode, decoupaged in lovely rainbow colours and embellished too? :)



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