Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Layers of Ink

Today in keeping with the "Layers" theme for this week we simply must work in "Layers of Ink"!

I mean could I call the blog Ink Stains with out it ~ right?

So we'll be using my favorite tool in the craft world ~

the Ink Blending Tool & Foam!

This is actually a variation on one of my favorite IBT techniques - Spritz & Flick. For the S&F technique a minimal amount of water is used but for this one we go all out as you will see!

Layered Inks

Distress Inks (or dye ink) 3-4 colors

Ink Blending Tool


Sand Paper (coarse grit)

Squirt Bottle (not the mini mister...we need LOTS of water at once)

Dry Cloth

Heat Gun (optional)


1. Begin applying patchy areas of ink using the IBT & Foam.

layered inks 001

2. Apply one or two additional colors of ink until your cardstock is mostly covered in ink.

layered inks 002

3. Sand various spots on the inked cardstock to reveal the white core of the paper.

layered inks 003

4. Now apply a final color of ink over these sanded areas. The ink will naturally be drawn into the scratches. This really adds a cool effect.

layered inks 004

5. You will need to work quickly during this step...time is essential for this technique to work properly!

Squirt the water onto your inked cardstock*... You'll want to concentrate the ink in the center but all over water is great. Almost as soon as the water hits the ink you'll see the inks being pulled up off the cardstock into the water. Lay the dry cloth over the water and soak it up as quickly as possible.

*NOTE: You need to use a good size squirt bottle for this. You need to get the water on and off quickly!

layered inks 005

6. (optional) You may either let the ink dry naturally or speed drying using a heat tool!

Here is what your finished layered inks might look like....

layered inks 006

This is an awesome layering technique that adds depth without any additional layers of medium or paper.

Once the cardstock has dried it is perfect for stamping, ATC's, Cards, Scrapbooks, etc.

Way easy and the results are stunning!

Tomorrow I'll have a couple finished examples to share with you :)

I will also be sharing another fun Layered Technique which incorporates

LOTS of ephemera and inks.

Hope to see you then!


  1. Love using distress inks to make fun backgrounds!!

  2. Love it, will have to try taking water off quickly :) thanks for sharing.
    Kay x

  3. Great looking background...can't wait to see what you do with it. I thought your blog was named ink stains because of that heat gun I've seen you use!!

  4. Once again, you have shown us how amazing you are. To keep sharing your knowledge and talents every day is truly amazing and I thank you!! I hope to show my friends how much I've learned from you. Maybe even share online! I'm not that confident yet tho!


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