Thursday, July 22, 2010

Layered Ephemera I came to upload the images of today's technique I realized that I totally forgot to make any cards using yesterday's layered inks technique!!! I was so excited to share this technique it totally slipped my mind (cause this tech. is so cool).

So, I promise to make a couple cards using yesterday's tech. and share them with you either tomorrow or Sat.


as I mentioned today I've got a fun's another Layered Ephemera technique but this is a bit different.


Ephemera ~ lots and lots of it!

Collage Glue

Sharp Exacto or Utility Knife

Stamps, Inks, etc.


1. Begin by gluing layer after layer of ephemera together... You will be building a huge pile of paper... You can include book pages, ledger pages, bits of maps, pattern tissue, old fliers, sheet music, photos, etc. It can be anything you like and nothing of great importance ~you won't really see any of the cool pics so don't waste the good stuff!

layered ephemera gothic arch 005

I normally stop adding layers when I've got about a 1/8" - 1/4" thick slab of various papers.

layered ephemera gothic arch 006

You need to let this stack of papers dry completely...this may take a day or two depending on humidity, temps, how thick your glue layers were, etc.

2. Now trim the stack of ephemera to desired sizes. I like to use my big old vintage guillotine cutter since my stack of paper is so thick. This old beast cuts through it like butter.

layered ephemera 001

I cut these into ATC's and I had an extra bit I am going to add to a card.

layered ephemera 002

3. Time for the fun to begin!!!! Use an Exacto Knife or Utility Knife and start hacking away at the edges... I really like to go deep with some of the cuts. I also use various tools to scrape, tear and generally mutilate these puppies....

layered ephemera 003

As you hack away at the paper you will notice how cool it starts looking once you reveal layer after layer of different bits of ephemera! It is just great!

layered ephemera 004

You can continue hacking until you like how it looks....

Here are the three I made today ~ Fun huh?

layered ephemera 005

Now they are ready to be stamped and inked!

Here are my finished ATC's and the extra bit I'm going to incorporate into a card....

On this first ATC I left the image plain because I really liked how the paper looked...


(Stamp - Paperbag Studios)

layered ephemera 006

Little Queen...

(Stamp - Queen's Dresser Drawers)

layered ephemera 007

Fairy Child...

(Stamp - Lost Coast Designs)

layered ephemera 008

Isn't that paper just the coolest looking thing you've seen ~

And it's so much fun to hack up!!

I absolutely love it!

It's cool enough to just use it as is w/o any stamped images or anything but I don't think many people would get that ;) LOL!!!

Tomorrow is JFF Color Challenge Friday!

You still have a bit of time left to join in on last weeks challenge...

you might just be the lucky winner of $50.00 in JFF stamps!

I'll also have a few other cards to share as well...

Some using the Layered Inks and at least one using today's technique.

Hope to see you then!


  1. I really love the look. What kind of glue do you use?

  2. Love, love, love this!!! I am definitely going to try this - what an exquisitely rustic vintage look. I love the idea of doing ATCs this way especially. Thanks so much again, as always, for sharing!

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  4. Wow, this was great, I can see making birthday cards, Christmas tags, wow, so many different things. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. wonderful!!! Have to try this!! Thank you so much for sharing xoxo

  6. Beautiful vintage piece - and thanks for the tutorial too!

  7. Oh this is just about the coolest thing I've seen in a while! This has my mind a turning for an application in my art journal! I love these techniques this week! I have decided to crown you the Queen of Techniques! Your just awesome keep em coming!

  8. So very cool! I must try this! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wow, this looks really cool, thanks for sharing!

  10. love this, i tried my hand on it with colored cardstock and cut strips from the piece. It looks really nice. Thanks for the 'how-to'!

  11. I so gotta try this Roni. Thanx!

  12. what a great idea!! I've never seen that before at least not done on purpose. It reminds me of layers of wallpaper and paint you might find in an old house. I love it.

  13. It's a brilliant technique - wow - your are so very clever

  14. Love this...I cannot WAIT to start hacking away...good for the nerves,,,can´t wait! Love what you created with the hacked up pieces tooooo!

  15. OOOH! I love this, Roni! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  16. Just came from Dymphie's blog ... so glad I did.
    Thank you for sharing this very cool technique ... it gives such an interesting time worn look ... brilliant!

  17. we used to do this as kids with construction paper then sand thru the layers

    yours are pretty cool looking


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