Monday, July 19, 2010

Layered Ephemera Gothic Arch Collage

Today I thought I'd share a fun project which incorporates all sorts of fun ephemera...from book and ledger pages, map pieces, tissue from clothing patterns, vintage sheet music, etc... Just about any paper you can get your hands on!

layered ephemera gothic arch 001

If desired, before you begin on your collage you can dye your paper(s). I used a bit of Distress Ink re-inker and water.... You could always add a bit of shimmer by adding a small amount of Perfect Pearls to the mix.

layered ephemera gothic arch 004

After your paper is dry, begin adhering them to your gothic arch using your favorite collage type glue. I used PPA for this collage ;) For this particular collage I applied each consecutive layer at an angle on the opposite side as shown.

layered ephemera gothic arch 002

This just gives you an idea on what your gothic arch might look like. You'll need to let it dry completely. I like to let it dry over night as humid as it is right now.

layered ephemera gothic arch 003

Now that the collage has dried, trim away the excess papers.

layered ephemera gothic arch 008

Don't throw the excess away though! Use the scraps to cut out flowers to add to the arch design. You may need to peel apart some of the layers if you are cutting the flowers with paper punches. Color these flowers in the same fashion as suggested above.

layered ephemera gothic arch 010

Begin decorating your arch with a layer of stamped images. This leafy branch is from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps.

layered ephemera gothic arch 009

I also added a bit of texture by stamping with bubble wrap...

(Note the very special "stamp holder" I'm using ;) LOL!! Yes, I just added a bit of double stick tape to the back and used my hand!)

layered ephemera gothic arch 012

Finish your collage off with a main image, a bit of text and layered flowers which were cut from the extra bits of paper!

layered ephemera gothic arch 014

How'd you like all those layers?!?!

It is so much fun to use paper ephemera in your stamping projects, they really do add so much depth and interest to the final collage.

AND it's usually free or very cheap!!

Now it's your turn!

Try using a bit of ephemera in your next project!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing something I get asked about quite often....

collage stamping!

Be sure to pop back in and see what I come up with!


  1. Roni... thank you again for sharing another great technique... Really appreciate your knowledge and love of art... :)

  2. Roni -

    This is a great technique! And I really love the idea of using the "scraps" for flowers. Awesome!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Love your gothic arch Roni!!

  4. Gorgeous!!! And I loved seeing the step-by-step pics!!

  5. that is absolutely gorgeous. thanks for sharing!

  6. This is so beautiful! The stamped branches make it look almost real-life. =)

  7. I love this. Funnily enough I was playing with inking up bubble wrap at the weekend

  8. This is so beautiful! I also use bubble wrap for stamping! When it dries I can still use it for packing too! Makes some of my family wonder aboutme when they receive a package with wildly colored bubble wrap! Thanks for another great tutorial too!

  9. merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii super md


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