Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ink Stained Roni Stamps - Brigitte

Today I wanted to share one of my Classy Lady stamps...


She is 1" wide and 3" tall.

She just exudes some real attitude...

she truly is a French fashion diva.

What I really love about her is she is large enough to make some great cards but she still fits onto an ATC!

Ink Stained Roni's Stamps - Brigitte 001

Ink Stained Roni's Stamps - Brigitte 003

Ink Stained Roni's Stamps - Brigitte 002

I'm planning on sharing my 2nd Classy Lady with you tomorrow ;)

I'll be she's not what you think!


  1. She's great. I really like how you stamped over the dictionary words.

    PS..I sent you back an e-mail about the crochet flowers. Wasn't sure if you got it.

  2. OMG!!! She is a beauty!! I really want to have her in my collection.


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