Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Calves and no time to play!

Well, we had a new baby last night and we have another coming probably tonite! First an update on the others...

We decided on a name for the calf that was born shortly before Christmas...her name is Holly :) She's now out with the big cows and yearlings and is doing great! She was racing around today in the snow and head butting the round bale of hay!

The mom of the twins is taking care of BOTH babies!!! Yeah!!! After last year I was really worried. I knew the baby we brought home was a little boy but didn't know about the other. It's a she so it was one of each! They are both doing fine ~ momma is having a time keeping up with both of them though. I feel a bit sorry for her, it seems like one of them is always wanting to eat - LOL!!

The newest baby is another little boy. He's a big one and seems to be doing just fine. It's mother cleaned him right up and he started to eat right away. Still sleeps alot since he's so "new" but he's very healthy.

Finally our last preg. mom was showing signs of labor early this a.m. so we put her in the barn with the others since we didn't want her to try and give birth out in the snow storm. She was still working at it when the guys came in from doing chores so hopefully tomorrow a.m. we'll have another new addition to the farm :)

Calendar Page....I did not have time to work on the calendar today ~ I've been working on a few CHA projects for Streuter's booth and a project for Ranger's website for February! I'll be sure to let you know when it's up :)


I have been invited to give a live chat on Fisk-A-Teers forum on the 14th of January!! I'm not sure if there are any Fisk-A-Teers out there or not... If you're here, I hope you stop by and say hi!


  1. So many sweet babies Roni. Thanks for the updates, send more photos!! Stay nice and warm in the cold.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Congrats on the new babies Roni! I've missed reading about your farm and your art projects. Hoping to keep up with blogging better this year though & looking forward to reading your old posts to see what all you've done in the past few months! Happy New Year!

  3. thanks for the update!! they are so cute!! and I'm a FISK-A-TEER!! so there!!

  4. aww...such a lot of babies! congrads! Ima fiskateer so that would be grand! This calendar project is quite cute..I loveeeeee rock candy too!


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