Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CD Calendar - November - Perfect Pearls - Faux Leather

Another very fun and very easy technique that yields really cool results! I know not many people have or use the Perfect Ink Refresher because they figure they will just buy a new ink pad when the old one goes dry. Well seriously the Perfect Ink Refresher does work....give your ink pad a few squirts and let it soak in for a few minutes. Your ink pad will be revived!

Now, even though that's the intended purpose for Perfect Ink Refresher it's not the ONLY use for it! I don't know why this works, I only know it really does! You can turn regular old cardstock into faux leather with just a few short steps so let's give it a try!

CD Calendar


Perfect Pearls/Perfect Ink Refresher

Faux Leather

cd calendar - November 001


Perfect Ink Refresher

Perfect Pearls


Heat It craft tool (optional)

Stamps- Inkadinkado (optional)

Archival Ink (optional)



1. Saturate your piece of cardstock with the Perfect Ink Refresher.

cd calendar - November 003

2. Work the Perfect Ink Refresher into the cardstock by rubbing it into the surface with your fingers. I like to really rough it up ~ doing so really adds to the finished paper.

cd calendar - November 004

3. Now wad the paper up into a little ball, open it up and do it again.

cd calendar - November 005

4. Flatten the soaked, wrinkled paper and apply a layer of Perfect Pearls. I am using Perfect Copper and Green Patina for this project.

cd calendar - November 006

5. Work the Perfect Pearls into the surface of the paper.

cd calendar - November 008

6. Let dry naturally or speed drying with the Heat It craft tool. Now, I'm not sure how it works but when the paper is dry it will really look and feel like leather! It's pliable just like leather is and it's got a great shimmer which doesn't show up in the photo. It's so hard to get good photos of PP's on lighter color cardstock but trust me, it does show up in person.

cd calendar - November 009

7. Stamp and embellish as desired.

8. Mount on your CD and November is history!

cd calendar - November 010

Now as I mentioned before you just will not get the full effect of this technique unless you feel it in person. It really is amazing how much the paper feels and looks like leather when you're done. This works not only on brown cardstock ~ I just used this to match the month ~ but it works on all colors of cardstock. I have made faux leather look purse cards using this technique paired with pink and purple cardstocks ~ they turned out WAY cool. I've also made a vintage looking travel trunk using this same technique and a darker brown color of cardstock which again was very realistic in so many ways.

So, even though it may mean another purchase ;) lol!! I highly recommend giving this technique a try!

You won't be disappointed!


  1. I'm going to try this Roni. I have a bottle of Perfect Pearls sonmewhere in my studio. Just have to hunt around for it - LOL! Love November's page.

    Elaine Allen

  2. I had a bottle of that in my hand at the store today - alas, I didn't buy it! Oh, darn guess I'll have to go back!

  3. Oh man, this looks really cool. Have been lovin' all these techniques, Roni. Just great!


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