Saturday, January 2, 2010

CD Calendar - January - Alcohol Ink Mono-print

Well as you can see the Ranger product I am using for January's calendar page is Adirondack Alcohol Inks and the technique is mono-printing. Now I'm sure you've probably either tried or heard about mono-printing with dye or Distress inks. This is basically the same technique but when using Alcohol Inks you will need to add color in layers so the darker inks don't end up over powering the lighter colors.

2010 CD Calendar

~ January ~

Adirondack Ink & Mono-printing

CD Calendar - January 001


Adirondack Alcohol Ink - Denim, Sail Boat Blue, Cloudy Blue

Metal Mixatives - Silver

Alcohol Blending Solution

Non Stick Craft Mat

Glossy Cardstock



January's Calendar


1. Sprinkle Cloudy Blue, Sail Boat Blue and Metal Mixative onto the Non-Stick Craft Mat. Add a few sprinkles of Alcohol Blending Solution to the mix.

CD Calendar - January 002

2. Place the glossy cardstock face down on the Alcohol Ink mixture.

CD Calendar - January 003

3. Twist the paper in the ink and lift.

CD Calendar - January 004

Don't worry if there are white areas, we're not done yet.

CD Calendar - January 005

4. Next, sprinkle the Denim Alcohol Ink onto the same area. Add a bit more Blending Solution.

CD Calendar - January 006

5. Place the glossy cardstock back onto the new color of Alcohol Ink and again twist & lift.

CD Calendar - January 007

If you have any white areas you'd like inked or want more color here or there, repeat using the lighter colors of ink.

6. Place a CD on the cardstock and draw a circle to determine where you will be working. Stamp using desired images...I'm going with a winter theme for January since it's cold and snowy here. I stamped CTMH snowflakes using Archival Ink in Cobalt.

CD Calendar - January 008

7. Cut the circle out and decorate as desired. I added french-english dictionary definitions, a vintage collage image, the calendar of course and a few other bits and bobs.

8. Adhere the finished page onto the CD. I used double stick tape for immediate adhesion and liquid around the edges to make sure it was stuck down on all edges.

CD Calendar - January 009

9. Re-punch the holes for hanging.

CD Calendar - January 010

Your first CD Calendar page is finished!

CD Calendar - January 011

CD Calendar - January 012

Monday we'll continue with February and March if I have time.

Be sure to check back to see what products and techniques we'll be working with!

Tomorrow I'll have more Vintage Postcards to share with you :)


  1. Completely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with Feb!

  2. Totally neat! Just got back from sis' house today from doing our christmas exchange....and I got some ALCOHOL INKS so I'm ready to play!!!! Thanks for a neat turorial.

  3. Hi Roni -

    What a great project! I love how January came out. I love the blues, so frosty looking. I also love the touch you added using photo corners - just really like the look. Looking forward to the other months.

    Elaine Allen

  4. I had just realized yesterday that I didn't have a new calendar at work. I work at 2 different libraries. I love your idea and wonder if photo corners would work so you could change the month? It would be like a perpetual calendar.
    now I need to make 2. I can see them hanging on an ornament hanger on my desk. Thanks Roni

  5. Super cool!... And this Is why I love your blog....

    Need to get one of those non-stick mats...


  6. Hey, this is straightforward enough that even I could do it! Thanks for the great lesson and the fun calendar idea.

  7. LOvely Roni!! I'm excited about this project and have my old CD's ready to go!

  8. Also wanted to thank you for the practical using double sided tape with liquid glue around the edges. I knew I'd have some questions about what adhesives to use!

  9. OK, I'm game. This looks like so much fun. And, you get a whole year to do it in. Plus, you get to buy bright & shiny new stuff to play with! Cool. Tina


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