Saturday, January 2, 2010

CD Calendar - The Foundation

Hi Everyone!

Today to kick off the new year we're going to make a calendar...a CD Calendar to be specific. I thought it would be a cool way to recycle some of those pesky CD's that tend to accumulate here and there.

CD Calendar

The Calendar Foundation

Find a calendar that works for you. I searched a while before I found a calendar template that worked for me. I wanted one of those tiny tear off type calendars but didn't want to wait for it to arrive so I found this template at Splitcoast Stampers - Cat's 2010 Mini Tear off Calendar. Now I thought it was a bit large for my CD so I ended up printing it with two sheets to a page. By doing so the individual months were shrunk down to the size I wanted. Totally up to you...if you'd like larger calendars then printing as is would be perfect.

CD Calendar Blank 001


7 CD's

1 Book Ring

1 Set of Calendar Pages

Hole Puncher (Crop-a-dile works the best!)




1. Find the center line of the CD. Draw a line across the CD using a perm. or temp marker.

CD Calendar Blank 002

2. On this center line, mark a spot 1/2" in from the edge on both sides. You will have two marks on opposite ends of the line. These will be the holes we use to hang the calendar from.

CD Calendar Blank 003

3. Punch out the holes where you placed the marks.

CD Calendar Blank 005

4. Repeat until all 7 CD's have the holes punched out.

CD Calendar Blank 006

5. Thread all 7 of the CD's onto the book ring.

CD Calendar Blank 007

6. Mark each side of the CD starting with Cover, Jan, Feb, March, etc. and an arrow pointing to the top. This is VERY important for a couple reasons. First and foremost, it will ensure that each month is in the proper order and it will also help to keep you from getting confused and ending up with an upside down calendar page.

CD Calendar Blank 008

Your CD Calendar Foundation is ready to be decorated!!

To help you decorate the calendar I will be sharing each month individually using a specific Ranger product and different technique for each month.

Be sure to check em all out and make yourself a calendar along with me :)

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  1. Great idea with the CDs, Roni! Can't wait to see what you do with this one!!


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