Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CD Calendar - December - Nick Bantock Inks

Well I'm going to finish up our altered cd calendar a fun branch of Ranger inks...Nick Bantock Dye Inks. These inks offer up vivid bold colors which is exactly why I chose to use them for December!

CD Calendar


Nick Bantock Dye Ink - Shaving Cream Swirls

cd calendar - december 001


Nick Bantock Re-Inkers (or other dye re-inkers)

Shaving Cream

Heat It Craft Tool




1. Squirt out a healthy dollop of shaving cream on your Non-Stick Craft Mat or other non-porous surface.

cd calendar - december 002

2. Smooth it out so it's somewhat flat and level.

cd calendar - december 003

3. Add a few drops of each color of ink.

cd calendar - december 005

4. Use a wood popsicle stick or the end of a paint brush to create swirls in the ink/shaving cream.

cd calendar - december 006

5. Gently place your cardstock on the ink/shaving cream mix.

cd calendar - december 007

6. Press the cardstock gently into the ink.

cd calendar - december 008

7. Slowly peel the paper off of the shaving cream to revieal the cool design!

cd calendar - december 010

8. I don't wipe any of the shaving cream off since I normally mess up the ink so I just leave it and speed drying using a Heat It craft tool. The shaving cream melts away and you're just left with the inky swirls.

cd calendar - december 011

OPTION: If you need or want more ink/designs than you get with one layer, you may continue to dip your paper in the inky shaving cream until you're satisfied with the results. I placed this piece of cardstock in a small pile of shaving cream/ink 6-7 times until the entire piece had been inked. As you can see it didn't hurt it one bit AND it added loads of great color & designs!

cd calendar - december 015

9. Trim your piece of cardstock and embellish!

cd calendar - december 016

cd calendar - december 018

And we did it!!!!

We have altered a whole year and incorporated a boat load of cool Ranger products and techniques all in one!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did with this calendar and continue to enjoy it the whole year (and beyond if you replace the months next year!!)

Tomorrow we'll start in on some other fun techniques and projects.

See you then!


  1. Roni,

    Thank you so much. All these techniques have been so great.

  2. well I really love the look of this...can u tell us more about those inks tho? heard of them...but I have so many kinds of I need these tooo? lol cher

  3. Thank ypou so much , that is a great technique, and your cd calendar looks wonderful..jenxo

  4. Your calendar is awesome!!! I have loved each month and your tutorial to go along with it!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I will never look at shaving cream the same again! Thank you for sharing this great technique. You do some wonderful work.

  6. this was really AWESOME Roni!! thanks soooo much for sharing all these techniques with us... especially since you have such a busy life on a farm, no less!! just awesome!! looking forward to a lot more techniques!!

  7. Very Clever technique, with fab results, thanks for sharing, Jaqi

  8. Hi Roni -

    Ok, I have to try this, it just looks like so much fun! Not to mention it really looks yummy - LOL! Thank you so much for your great tutorials, they were wonderful!

    Elaine Allen

  9. Very Cool. I love the Christmas colors!

    AudreyGardenLady at etsy

  10. WOW! Congratulations on finishing your fabulous CD Calendar...and it is still only January. December is my favorite and I know kids would love this technique. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep creating...

  11. I really love this technique!!


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