Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Update!

Well, we had a really busy day today...went to the butcher to pick up 1/2 a beef and a hog then had to come home and make it all fit in the freezer, delivered a load of wood and various other "chores" so I didn't get to play today.

So I thought I'd share some pics of the calves! They are growing so fast right now and boy are they ever fun to watch play. We get hours of enjoyment from those little squirts.

Here you go....

This is Holly - the first calf born.

She's a wild one she is...just look at that tail ;)

Calves - 1-10 069

Here she is with her mom...

Calves - 1-10 055

The Twins!

We decided on names for them ~ since it's a boy and girl we are calling them Bonnie and Clyde - LOL!! Seems like all they ever do is eat ~ I'm sure she thinks so too!

Calves - 1-10 023

This little bugger is one you haven't seen before ~ he's a bull that was born on the 8th. He's got four nice white socks so that's his name...Socks. I love these two pics, he just got done eating and forgot to disengage his tongue - LOL!!

Calves - 1-10 043

Calves - 1-10 045

Here is more flattering pic of him ;)

Calves - 1-10 072

This little girl is the youngest...she doesn't have a name yet but she's a sweetie!

Calves - 1-10 010

Calves - 1-10 015

And this is prob. my fav. picture I took that day...this is Clyde shortly after we let the mom's & babies out for the first time since they were born. I'd love to know what he was thinking...poor little guy ~ looks so scared! He's my little sweetie ~ he loves to be petted and loved up.

Calves - 1-10 067

So there you go...all babies are doing well and enjoying the sunshine!

Hope you have some time to play this weekend and get a little inky!

We are going to a great auction tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be lucky enough to buy anything or not but I'm taking my camera. This farm has been in the family 4 generations and there are goods from the 1800's forward. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!


  1. o I soooo want a little calf! now that i am not scared of them anymore (grin) i want one for my very own.... think it could live in the extra bedroom?

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww...thanks for all the great shots of mom and the babes!!! brought a smile to my face. you have a super weekend too!

  3. Glad they are all doing well. How wonderful to have all those litle cuties to love and pet.
    I do like the little bull pulling his tongue out (I know that is not what he was doing really but it looks like he is saying "buzz off you with that camera")

  4. soooooooooo adorable! great pics! hope you find many treasures at the auction....just call me jealous! lol cher

  5. Roni -

    Thanks for posting the pictures of the babies. They are just the sweetest little things, so cute. I'm glad all of them are doing well. Enjoy your weekend!

    Elaine Allen

  6. Your calf pictures are very sweet.

  7. just found your blog, thanks so much for posting cows and calves! We want to get back to it sooo much. we do feeder cattle during the winter, but nothing compares to cow/calves!

  8. Love the babies. I once had a prize winning Jersey named after me. I even bought it a show lock with the name engraved on it. Young love!!!!! Hope you make some great finds at the auction. Sounds like fun! Dawn

  9. oh those little babies are cute! I love the pic where the calf is looking out the door.

  10. oh my gosh, those calves are sooo cute!! I love all the pics of the great auction, too!

  11. those baby cows are sooo cute!! we have a hillside behind our house and we are at the bottom of the valley, and the landowner has cows, so they stroll a couple times a week, at least that's all i get to see them! anyway, its so nice to feel like nature is that close... especially when you live in citified California! man, i wish i could have gone to that auction too!! i was coveting lots of stuff!! thanks for sharing!!


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