Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adirondack Alcohol Ink Projects

Well since CHA is officially over I thought over the next bit here I would start sharing a few projects I made for Ranger! I worked with several lines of their products so today I am going to start with the Adirondack Alcohol Ink line!

All of these projects were made using acetate in one form or another.


This card was stamped using a Just For Fun stamp on one side of the acetate. I then flipped the acetate over and colored the image in using the alcohol inks!

Roni - CHA 014

Roni - CHA 015

You're special...

The dragonflies were stamped on glossy cardstock and on acetate. The acetate dragonflies were colored using alcohol ink and Stickles Glitter glue, cut out and attached to the card which was also colored with alcohol inks.

Roni - CHA 017

The Earth laughs...

I used alcohol inks on both the glossy cardstock to create the background as well as on the acetate which was die-cut and attached to the card. (stem was cut free-hand)

Roni - CHA 016

I've got a couple more projects using alcohol inks that I'm going to talk about a bit more in depth soon!

I had soooo much response from the Rectangle Bar Stamp from scrap rubber yesterday I thought I'd post a bit more...

I've had several people ask about UM (un mounted) rubber stamps as well as who made the swirl stamps I am giving away. Those stamps were from a kit club that is no longer in business and no longer available.


Also, to answer several questions about the um stamps I'm working on a little comparison between all of the different types of stamps out there. I sometimes forget and don't stop to think that some people may only be familiar with wood stamps or clear acrylic stamps.

To clear up some of the questions I'll try and get the comparison posted as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful response on the bar stamp!

So glad you all like the idea :)


  1. thanks...for answering...these are so pretty! I should use acetate more...really stunning! and I would be voting YES for more on AI...I am in a tin swap and I need to know how to go about this fast! ty Roni, Cher

  2. Hi Roni -

    I really think these cards are beautiful. My favorite is the one with the dragonflies (I love dragonflies). It looks like a really interesting technique, I'm going to have to give this one a try!

    Elaine Allen

  3. love reading your blog and i have passed on a award to you, to collect it please visit my blog

  4. fantastic... I ove to here ... evertime such great things!

    Lg Susi

    our new ATC Challengeblog

  5. Hi Roni, Your blog is always a treat. I check in on you daily and am never disappointed. I need to work with acetate more.

  6. I'll be looking forward to your article on the UM stamp comparisons.

  7. Love these cards! The dragonflies look as if you used fantasy film. When you did that card, how did you apply the alcohol inks? The others look like you used the Tim Holtz stamp thingie, but the dragonfly looks too precise. Also, I use Aleen's "Tack It Over and Over" on my unmounted stamps. You paint it on the back. It looks like white glue. After it dries, then I put the stamps on the pages of an old magnetic photo album. When I need a stamp, I put it on a clear block. When I'm done, I put it back in the album. It's worked so far, and the cost of unmounted is so much less! Keep the ideas coming!!!!! Dawn in OH

  8. Oh Roni! Beautiful AI cards.

    How are you? It's been too long.

  9. Love the dragonflies! I need to try that with acetate!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!