Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Poscard Time!!

Today I have some VERY old postcards (pre WWI) from France... Le Havre France to be exact! You can click on the name and it will take you to a site with current info about this area. Sure looks different than the postcards!!


Le Havre France

postcards 112909 001

postcards 112909 002

postcards 112909 003

postcards 112909 005

postcards 112909 006

postcards 112909 007

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, I'll be posting the Ink Stains Blog Birthday winners


this week is also when I'll start sharing my 25 days of ornaments!!

Yep, that's right 25 different techniques for creating unique and beautiful hand made ornaments for gifts or for keeps :)

See you then!!


  1. Thank you for the post card. I love those oldies! I looking forward to the ornaments.

  2. hello Roni!! The postcards are divine!! can't wait for the techniques - between you and TIM I am not going to want to work at all the next 2 weeks!! LOVE your stuff!!!

  3. Ooohh...looking forward to the ornaments!!

  4. Wow Roni-

    These are great postcards. I love these old vintage items.

    Elaine Allen


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