Monday, November 23, 2009

Southern Blackberry Design - Trans Maxx - Transfer "Skin"

Here is a great new product from Southern Blackberry Designs ~ Trans Maxx! It's a super transfer medium and glue to help you create a perfect image transfer every time!!

Now you can use Trans Maxx using the traditional method for image transfers but I find that I like to use this transfer medium to make image transfer "skins". An image transfer skin is basically just the transfer medium and the image.

You can then apply these "skins" wherever you like without the buckling and wrinkles normally associated with the extra layers of transfer medium from traditional image transfer methods. This works especially well for cards, scrapbooks, ATC's, clear glass items and more These skins of course can still be applied to the more traditional items.

If you have the opportunity you might look into SBD's Tissue Decoupage Collage Sheets. They make image transfers much easier because the images are printed on a very thin special paper which can be removed quickly and easily with far less "fuzzies" you normally get with most image transfer techniques.

And you know me ~ ever experimenting ~ I tried it with ink jet images and IT WORKED!!!

Trans Maxx Image Transfer Skins

SBD Transfer Skin 001


Trans Maxx Image Transfer Medium

Collage Image

Brush or Finger (to apply the medium)


Something to apply your Transfer to


1. Trim the desired image you wish to transfer and apply a coat of Trans Maxx image transfer medium. You can use a brush but I like to use my finger (as you know - lol!). Let the image dry. It usually takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour to dry completely depending on temperature and humidity variations.

SBD Transfer Skin 005

2. Once the first layer has dried, apply a second coat of Trans Maxx & let dry.

3. Apply a third and final layer of the Trans Maxx and once again, let it dry completely.

SBD Transfer Skin 003

4. After the third layer has dried completely ~ flip the image over and wet the image thoroughly and let it set for 5-10 minutes.

SBD Transfer Skin 006

5. Rub the paper off the image as with a normal image transfer. If you are using the tissue decoupage images you will notice the paper almost slides off the image it's so easy to remove. Continue rubbing until the image is revealed.

SBD Transfer Skin 008

6. You'll be left with the image transfer "skin". Blot the excess water off the image and it's ready to be applied to your project. Remember this image will be delicate so handle it accordingly.

I usually just add a dab of transfer medium to the back side of the image to attach it to my project.

If as shown in the example I'm going to be using it for a glass slide (Memory Glass) pendant I don't even add extra transfer medium. The "sandwich" of glass will hold the image in place.

SBD Transfer Skin 009

7. Finish the Memory Glass Pendant by trimming text, cardstock or pattern paper to back the image.

SBD Transfer Skin 007

8. Don't forget to add extra "bits" to the back of the pendant because you may see that side too from time to time.

SBD Transfer Skin 010

9. Slip the glass slide "sandwich" into the Memory Glass Frame and close the little tab...and you're done!

Isn't it amazing how cool the image looks with the text behind it? The best part of using the Image Transfer Skin is there is no glue or adhesive to alter the color, look or feel of the vintage text paper.

SBD Transfer Skin 014

SBD Transfer Skin 013

Here are two additional examples using the Image Transfer Skins...

The eggs on this ATC are ITSkins made from ink jet printer images.

SBD Transfer Skin 020

The domino was colored using Alcohol Inks, after it was dry the ITSkin was applied to the domino. You can see how nicely the wet image transfer skin folds around for nice clean edges.

SBD Transfer Skin 016

Pretty cool huh??

So, do you think you'd like to give either traditional image transfers or the "skins" a try?

Well you're in luck!

Just post a comment here and you'll be entered for a chance to win a trio of Southern Blackberry Designs decoupage/collage sheets AND your own bottle of Trans Maxx!!

If you'd like an extra entry in the drawing, post your favorite decoupage/collage sheet(s)!!

You'll have until December 1st to post your comments and favorite(s) at which time I'll draw one lucky winner from all the entries (using

Good Luck Everyone!!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous creations and wonderful tutorial!

  2. Ilove transfers and the results are so inconsistent. This looks promising!! Thanks You for a wonderful tutorial!

  3. ... i need something like that - i've tried 3 other methods and failed horribly - i'm trying to transfer onto wood though... so maybe this would work better ?

  4. I was just telling my aunt yesterday that I thought that there was something like this on the market. Thanks for the info. Crossing my fingers:D

  5. Great tut Thanks. I'd love to give it a try. :)

  6. I like that you can use this product with ink jet prints. I would love to win and try this for myself. Thanks for another great tutorial and product review.

  7. i used to be transfer obsessed, but gave it up after so many attempts......maybe this is the one? I would LOVE the goodies to try it. my memory glass needs to be used!!!

  8. Hi...very nice tutorial for us, tyvm. I love rangers product but now I have to try and find this medium! You cost me so much money Roni! far as a favorite ...I so love their Christmas images..I want them all! The Santa's and those with kids are my very very favorites! Ty for a chance..cher

  9. hey that is cool. may have to give that a try.i love the 'skins'. that would help me a lot on positioning, thanks

  10. oh and where can i get the memory glass--- i havent really looked for it but just wondered

  11. very cool! And what beautiful projects! I am addding it to my to do list!~

  12. Im soo new to all this. And Its amazing!! Thank you for all the time you spend sharing all these wonderfull idears.

  13. Oh I love these projects Roni. These are right up my alley, I usually stamp the dominos and turn them into pendants. I've never really liked the way transfers looked on them. But this sounds fantastic. As to my favorite sheet, oh wow, are you kidding!? Have you seen the wonderful sheets they have?! If I have to pick, I would say the Woman's sheet #DWO150. I love the look of this sheet, kinda of pre- Raphelite.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Elaine Allen

  14. Amazing and fun! I would love to be entered in your giveaway!

  15. love your project and that looks like really neat stuff to have. thanks for the instructions - a keeper.

  16. I am truly siked about this product! It looks SO easy and beatiful, I really like the etheral look of the glass! Narrow down to my favorite sheet(s)? Are you kidding me? I'll try. . .lol - I adore the Vintage Fairies, DVF112, LOVE cats, so DI130, DI131, of course I like the nests & eggs, DI122 & ALL of those fantastically priced bundles! Oh thanks for the tutorial, Christi

  17. What a great tutorial. The only thing stopping me, is my lack of supplies. This seems great, I would be able to work on several at one time like now when I'm working on family Christmas gifts.

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    Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you and Ink Stains :D

  23. Love your products and the choices of medium available. Longtime coming for inkjet transfers. Thanks!
    My favorite images are the Halloween, I love everything Halloween.

  24. I would love a chance to win this and make good transfers, I just can't seem to master them with other methods...Great tutorial...

  25. I'd love to try this transfer medium. I have tried (& currently use) Southern Blackberry decoupage collage sheets & I LOVE every one of them. If you've never purchased their sheets, you owe it to your art to try 'em. Excellent quality images on tissue thin paper & I've never had an issue with ripping or tearing. Everything I make with these sheets always comes out looking so opposed to collage sheets I've tried from others where the papers were too thick & the images "fuzzy". I've never tried the transfer product, but I'd love to. Enter me into the contest...please,please!

    Robin H.

  26. sound so easy seems lovely stuff to ork ith I like the fact that it remains colourless
    love your slides

  27. This looks like something I could sink my teeth into...thanks for the opportunity to give it a try, free!

  28. Pam Butcher pambutcher2003@yahoo.comNovember 25, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    oops! here's a contact for me!

  29. Sounds as if it works great! I'd love to try it.

  30. Those are so beautiful but everytime I read the word Tranfer skins, it made me laugh!
    By the way, when you show the slide mount transfer, it looks like you are adhering it directly to the glass mount?And then rubbing the paper part off?? Or am I confused?

  31. I just checked out Southern Blackberry Designs and the projects they show on the website are amazing! I had a great time looking through all the design sheets and especially liked some of the animal ones (especially the butterflies and the owl sheet - di115, di119!), and the Circus sheets (DU103, DU1040)! Love the colors and detail on these!

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  34. I love your tutorials. You are a natural teacher. I'm quite intrigued by this Trans Max stuff. All I can seem to do successfully are packing tape toner and gel skins... ~xoxo

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    All your creations are soooo beautiful!

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    Thanks again for this tutorial!
    Erin Glee

  37. I thought I left a comment last week, but I guess not! This looks so fun, I've thought about transfer skin a few times...I want to play!

  38. Wow, this looks like a fantastic product and It seems so much better than traditional transfer methods which I have a hard time with. Too bad this can't be shipped outside the US as I live in Canada

  39. I am totally amazed that this product works with ink jet printers. I love the designs you have done with it and also would like to try the tissue paper with it. Great product.


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