Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dress Form Update guys have had such great suggestions so I thought I'd update you on what I've decided so far and answer some of your questions...

Why did I want a dress form?

Well, I've always loved the vintage feel and cool look of dress forms. Also, I'm told that my great aunts were seamstresses around the turn of the century/early 1900's so that has always intrigued me as well.

What am I going to do with it?

She's just going to be part of my decor! I just wanted one to sit in my craft room to admire and hold some of my goodies. It's also great to drape with creations for photos. I'm not a very good seamstress so actually using her for her intended purpose is out of the question. Hats off to all you folks out there that can actually sew clothing though ~ it's an amazing art form all it's own. I'm going to stick to sewing paper ;) lol!!!

Am I going to name her?

YES!! We name our tractors so why not name my dress form! I need a vintage name for her though...any suggestions? I had thought of using the names I had picked out in case either of our babies were girls. That won't work now because one of the names was taken by a friends daughter and the other is oldest ds's girlfriends name. :S

itsamistry - LOVE the idea of people making/sending patches ~ that would rock! Hmmmm wonder if anyone here would be interested in sending something in?!?!?

Neet - your altered corset swap sounds awesome ~ I'd love to see some of them if they are posted anywhere!!

Dawn - LOVE the idea of a Boa!!! Definitely going to get one for her. I believe I am going to use vintage scarves & hankies for her "skirt". I'm going to temp. pin them to her on the bottom along the inside edge so they can be taken off and switched around if need be. I'm also going to add some beaded fringe around the bottom edge just for some swing/bling :) Not that she's going to be swinging all that much but you never know what goes on after you close the door right?!?!? LOL!!

Nunt - OH MY ~ that rocks!! What a cool idea but I so wouldn't want one of my own shape - lol...I'd have to shanghai someone to make one ;)

I believe I may try staining the feed sacks with Adirondack Color Wash. They are some of my fav. ink colors and I love mixing them up so it could be lots of fun. I think if I add "stuff" to her it's going to be on the bottom/hip areas. The top I want to leave fairly open for photos of jewelry I make to sell. I'll still dye that area but it will have removable goodies for pics.

Anyway, that's what I've come up with so far...Thanks for all your tips and suggestions...I can't wait to get started on her :)


  1. I think your dress form is an Estelle. I think it just fits! Happy inking!

  2. Roni,

    I love your ideas. I think a good name would come from a favorite book from your childhood. My favorite was Little Women, so if she were mine I would call her Louisa May!

    I would love to send you a patch to add to her.


  3. Roni, I think it is really funny that you answered my post with "you don't know what happens when the door is closed." When I was little all my dolls were placed on my pillows. At night they were moved to the foot of the bed. I always tried to pose them so I could tell if they "moved" at night!!!!!! Oh, well... Love your ideas.
    I think you should name her Emma.

    Happy planning! Dawn


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