Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dress Form ~ Recover or Not???

Hey Guys!!

I am so excited about a purchase I made this past weekend I just have to share it with you and I wanted to ask your opinion....

I have been wanting a dress form for quite some time but sooooooo cannot afford to pay the outrageous prices they want for those puppies! I even looked at miniature dress forms but those are still pretty salty.

Well, this past weekend my dh, son, nephew and I went to a Tractor Swap Meet over in Wapakaneta Ohio and I found this....

dress form

Guess how much....

$125.00 ~ NOPE!

$75.00 ~ NOPE!

$25.00 ~ NO!!!!

I got her for only $1.00!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?!?!?

I about fell over when I saw the price ~ I had to do a double take when I saw it. I was thinking no it couldn't be a dollar...it had to be 100.00. The guy said all prices were negotiable ~ I said no way, I'd gladly pay a dollar for her!!!!

Now, I know she's a bit grungy but what can you expect for a buck. So, I was thinking do I try to clean her up a bit with something like a rug cleaner type spray, leave her as is or try to recover her? I can't decide. I have some old feed sacks that I would use if I did recover her.

I'm also going to get a finial for her...I actually have an old wood finial that is pretty cool looking that I may fit on there after I decide what to do with her fabric.

Anyway, what do you think?

Leave her, try to clean it up or recover her???


  1. The choices are leave her, clean her up, or recover her? Are you sure I can't choose to have her sent to me? WOW ~ What a purchase you made! I've been looking for one for awhile to no avail. Yay for you! I think I'd leave her as is...

  2. The choice would depend on if you actually plan on using it to fit garments. If so you'll want a clean, pinnable surface. If not, I say cover it anyway you want. Maybe crazy patch, with various embellishments. You could start with a base and add to it over time.

  3. The sacking sounds good but I would colour it with my ink pads. use various colours that blend together to give a mottled effect (do you understand what I mean?) and then I would stamp on it and make it into a work of art.
    I am so green with envy - I would love one of these and as I have been in an altered corset swap for the past year I want one more than ever so I can display my corset (in my stamp room of course).

  4. Wow Lucky you and for a dollar !!!!

    I would leave as is and then collage as and when I felt like it using all different mediums and materials

  5. I would cover her with some vintagy looking sheets of something of that sort. Start with big floral sheets from goodwill or someplace and use long straight pins and maybe a needle and thread. I really think that you could do it without sewing if your start at the top of her and fold the fabric under and pin as you go and cut off the excess fabric after you have her pinned. Then go back and fold under the raw cut edges and pin them down neatly. then you can use her as a bulletin board of sorts for all sorts of wonderful things!! Hta tis what I would do with her anyway!! Have fun!! What a deal!!!!!

  6. Who'd thunk it? A dress form at a tractor swap meet? Only in the midwest. I'm right there with you, I have found some great stuff at auctions here in Illinois. What a great find! The possibilities are endless here, covering it, inking it, I think just do what feels right to you, whatever you do, I'm sure it will be GREAT!

  7. WOW what a bargain. A friend of mine on an atc site got other site members to make patches (I think they were 4 x 6) in their style and with their details on the back. She then pinned them all to the dress form. It looked fab when it was all covered in all that art work.

    Whatever you decide please post an after pic of her. Are you going to give her a name?

  8. With your talent I would make her a work of art. Go for it.

  9. Ronnie,
    Iam so very jealous! 1.00?????
    Are you going to use her for what she was made for? If so I would try my best to clean her. If mot alter the heck out of her!!!!

  10. This is gorgeous, Roni! I like the idea of recovering her with feed sacks and as someone else suggested, embellish over time. What a great place to display any vintage brooches or other do-dads that you collect for your art! Whatever you decide to do, she's lovely!!! And let us know!

  11. I would be intersted in what it was going to be used for, to make a real useful ssugggesttion. It is one of hose things with so many possibilities. I look forwrd t seeing wht you do :) Please exuse this terrible post my keyboard is brokenn

  12. Those hips don't lie! (heh) I LOVE her shape... what a SUPER bargain!
    What have you been wanting a dress form all these years for? Well, do that! I'm wanting to see her when you are done or in progress, too!
    Have fun!

  13. My friend has one that she dressed in vintage clothing from the '20s with the flowered straw hat resting on the neck piece. It was beautiful. But you are so artistic, I'm sure "she" would make a wonderful canvas to attach all your beautiful work. The necklaces and charms would look great...maybe you should add a boa!!!! I've also seen where they have attached sheer fabric clear at the bottom of the form to make it look like a skirt. Whatever you decide, I know it will look great. Can't wait to see what you do. Dawn

  14. If you want a cheap, custom made fitting doll, get an old large T-shirt and few rolls of duck tape and get wrapping! I've made on for myself and one from a friend who I am crocheting a dress for, and I made a post with a few links some time ago.

    Then again, your find was a real bargain...

  15. How cool is that! If you are not using her for the original purpose, I would alter and embellish her like crazy. I also like the idea of naming her. Have fun with it and keep us posted.

  16. Clean her up. I'd say leave it as is, but I'm not sure what all is on her, but I would definately stick with the original fabric...some call it old and raggy, we call in vintage. :-)

  17. I'm a dress designer and maker. If you are going to be fitting using this manikin, then I suggest recovering. I don't know what sacking looks like, but I suggest a medium-heavy weight material that is closely woven. One does not want to recover a manikin more than once every twenty years. I don't know how your manikin is constructed, but on the one I use, you take off the old cover and use it as a pattern. Hope this helps. WRE

  18. Tough decision, she looks so great as she is, but I can really picture her dolled up in different fabrics on each section, topped with the finial! Good luck deciding, and congrats on a stunning deal!!

  19. Huge congrats to you. I want a wire one for my vintage Paris themed bedroom. I love her. I think I would just clean her and leave her. :)


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