Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alcohol Ink & Felt Die-Cuts

Remember when I said yesterday you'd kick yourself when I told you about today's Alcohol Ink projects....

FELT DIE-CUTS!!!!!!!!!

O.k...since felt die-cuts are quite a bit larger than the regular AI felt and handles you'll need to do a bit of improvising as shown here...

AI & Die Cuts 003

I knew the basic size most of my felt die-cuts were going to be so I chose the corresponding acrylic stamp handle. Next, I added enough Velcro hook material to cover the handle. Don't skimp on this step! If you've got any space at all between the strips of hook your image will not come out right. When you stamp the ink, any areas where there is no hook will sink back into the crevices between the hook material and not print correctly. So cover the back completely to avoid a mess.

Now as far as felt goes...you could buy it in sheets to cut your own shapes using a die-cut machine or free-hand it OR there are tons of cool pre-cut felt shapes out there as well!!!

AI & Die Cuts 004

(you'll have to look in each collection)

Below are a couple examples using felt that I cut myself

(both are sizzix dies)....


AI & Die Cuts 002

The single flower was neat BUT I double stamped rotating the felt a quarter turn and I ended up with Petunias!!!!

AI & Die Cuts 001

Frickin' awesome isn't it?!?!?

I so told you about a "kicking yourself" moment!

I have been playing with alcohol inks for YEARS and

I never thought to use the pre-cut felt shapes or die-cut my own...

until about 2 weeks ago that is ;)

Way cool huh?

And the best part is once you've stamped your AI images...you can use the colored felts as a dimensional embellishment too!

Rockin huh??


  1. Very cool! I did something similar about a year ago with a silk flower.

  2. uh ha lightbulb moment, love these...

    the delphinium in the post below would also make a great christmas tree in Green!

    thanks for the tutes...jenxo

  3. You are amazing, Roni! These are gorgeous, and love the idea of using the precut felt shapes. Can't wait to give this a try, although it will probably end up being after the holidays. :-(

  4. TOTALLY AWESOME IDEA!!! I love those pumpkins!!

  5. Yeppers, I'm kickin' myself. I just love it. Can't wait to get started.

  6. really cute! as usual...cher

  7. Wow! What a great idea! I never thought about doing that, even after you started sharing the Al Flowers! Thanks!


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