Friday, May 8, 2009

Word or Phrase Book!

Today's gift idea is way cool and once you know how to do it VERY easy :)

I'm sure you've seen those books you can alter that have a word or phrase on the ends of each of the pages. They are way cool but often expensive, hard to find or they don't have just what you need. Trust me, I know this feeling well...that's precisely why I came up with this tutorial!!

Well now you don't need to search any further!

You can make your own phrase/word book in a very short period of time!

phrase book 001



Die-cut Letters or Alpha Stencils


Scissors or Exacto Knife

Binding of Your Choice (Ideas: Bind it All, Book Rings, Ribbon, Twine, Fibers, etc.)

Paint, papers, photos etc to decorate the finished book

NOTE: Just a few words about the letters you use to make the book ~ If you have an electronic Die-Cut machine available you can vary the size of letters used anywhere from 1" up. These machines offer a great flexibility when designing these books but don't fret ~ you can print desired text off your computer using some sort of design software (whatever you have will work) and size it as needed. Simply print onto cardstock, trim the letters and you have ready made stencils! Pre-cut die-cut letters and the plastic alpha stencils work too!

So there are plenty of options to vary the font style and size.


1. Determine how large you wish the finished book to be. I am using 2 1/2" letters so I cut my pages to 3". No matter what size page/letter you use add an extra 1/2" or so. So for example your letters are 4" tall, cut your pages 4 1/2" tall, etc...

Cut the necessary pieces of chipboard to size (the amount will vary depending on your word or phrase.)

phrase book 002

2. Trace the letter(s) onto the right hand side of each page.

phrase book 003

You'll have something like this...

phrase book 004

3. With a sharp pair of scissors or an exacto knife, cut out the letters. When you get the the left side of the letter where the page is ~ simply cut part of the way down on each letter and round the pages off as shown in the photo.

phrase book 005

4. Align the letters so they over lap just a bit.....

phrase book 006

5. When you have the letters aligned, flip the book over and mark where the last page falls on the other pages - in this case I marked where the 2nd M fell on the O page and first M page. Trim off the excess pages.

phrase book 007

6. Your word should now be properly aligned along the letter edge and all meet on the left edge as shown.

phrase book 008

7. Your pages are now ready to be decorated and bound. How you do so on both accounts is totally up to you. You could use paint, pattern paper, rubber stamps, dye sprays, etc. Use whatever you have in your stash! Binding is also your choice ~ you could use eyelets and some sort of fiber, ribbon or book rings, you might use a bind-it-all or some other binding system if you have one available, or maybe you want to use a fancy book binding stitch. Whatever you choose, remember to have fun!!

I added a couple more pages to my book, painted and added Distress Stickles. I used the Bind-It-All to bring it all together. It's now ready to add photos, collage images, text, etc. There really are no limits!

phrase book002

I hope you enjoy this little idea and give it a try :)

Well, not sure if I'll get to post tomorrow or not. My oldest son is bringing his new girlfriend here to "meet the parents"! Of course he just told me this after he got off work today so now I need to pick up the house, think up a nice menu and fix a stunning meal.

He say's it's no big deal but you know ~ first impressions and all...

If I don't see you before, Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there...Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!


  1. Awesome, and way more affordable!

  2. I love the way you did the "Mom" book--very nice.

  3. yes, very affordable! ty for sharing....easy to do with a cricut for sure...your book looks great! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! in case I miss you here...cher

  4. Very nice mini book! You are awesome Roni! I love how you put everything step by step for me. LOL Good luck with those first impressions.

  5. What a great idea. Also love the fact that it's something that's inexpensive and the end piece is great looking.
    Have a great weekend with your family.
    bigsister_val at hotmail dot com

  6. Thanks for the great idea. I remember the first meeting with my now son-in-law. He told me years later that he loves my cooking but the first time he ate with us he had stop at a fast food resturant to fill up. I didn't make enough food. HeHeHe.

  7. First impressions? Now shouldn't SHE be working hard to impress YOU? Hmm...? The way I see it, you can just relax and go about as business as usual. Or, better - have hubby and living at home son do the cleaning and cooking since it's M-day weekend. (Yup - not DAY, but WEEKEND) So you, my dear, get to relax, create, do what you want and your fam gets to wait on you hand and foot. Hmph! Put down that mop right now!!!!!!!

    LOL *grin* Seriously, I hope you do have a wonderful M-day. I hope it is relaxing and fun being with family. That's what it's about, right? So pffffft... on first impressions. (oops - there I go again)

    LOVE the book idea. You are such a clever rabbit! *smile*

  8. You amaze me girl!!!

  9. Happy Mother's Day, Roni!
    I hope you had a relaxing, nice time at "meet the parents" night!
    I've traced purchased chipboard books onto cereal boxes and made my own, but I've never created my own word. I just got my first die cut toy, a Cricut, so I will have to try this with my boy's names real soon!
    Thanks again for your great ideas : )

  10. Very cleaver. Wouldn't have thought about doing that yet makes so much sense. thanks for sharing


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